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AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam Questions 2020

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AWS Certified Security Specialty Sample Exam (10 Questions)


Sample Exam : AWS Certified Security Specialty Set (10 Questions)

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A company has hired a third-party security auditor, and the auditor needs read-only access to all AWS resources and logs of all VPC records and events that have occurred on AWS. How can the company meet the auditor's requirements without comprising security in the AWS environment? Choose the correct answer from the options below

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You have a bucket and a VPC defined in AWS. You need to ensure that the bucket can only be accessed by the VPC endpoint. How can you accomplish this?

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Your company use AWS KMS for management of its customer keys. From time to time , there is a requirement to delete existing keys as part of housekeeping activities. What can be done during the deletion process to verify that the key is no longer being used.

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One of the EC2 Instances in your company has been compromised. What steps would you take to ensure that you could apply digital forensics on the Instance. Select 2 answers from the options given below

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A company has a large set of keys defined in AWS KMS. Their developers frequently use the keys for the applications being developed. What is one of the ways that can be used to reduce the cost of accessing the keys in the AWS KMS service.

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You are responsible to deploying a critical application onto AWS. Part of the requirements for this application is to ensure that the controls set for this application met PCI compliance. Also there is a need to monitor web application logs to identify any malicious activity. Which of the following services can be used to fulfil this requirement. Choose 2 answers from the options given below

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You have a requirement to conduct penetration testing on the AWS Cloud for a couple of EC2 Instances. How could you go about doing this? Choose 2 right answers from the options given below.

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Company policy requires that all insecure server protocols, such as FTP, Telnet, HTTP, etc be disabled on all servers. The security team would like to regularly check all servers to ensure compliance with this requirement by using a scheduled CloudWatch event to trigger a review of the current infrastructure.
What process will check compliance of the company’s EC2 instances?

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A company continually generates sensitive records that it stores in an S3 bucket. All objects in the bucket are encrypted using SSE-KMS using one of the company’s CMKs. Company compliance policies require that no more than one month of data be encrypted using the same encryption key.
What solution below will meet the company’s requirements?

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When managing permissions for the API gateway, what can be used to ensure that the right level of permissions are given to developers, IT admins and users? These permissions should be easily managed.

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The AWS Certified Security – Specialty is intended for individuals who perform a security role with at least two years of hands-on experience securing AWS workloads.

Abilities Validated by the Certification

  • An understanding of specialized data classifications and AWS data protection mechanisms
  • An understanding of data encryption methods and AWS mechanisms to implement them
  • An understanding of secure Internet protocols and AWS mechanisms to implement them
  • A working knowledge of AWS security services and features of services to provide a secure production environment
  • Competency gained from two or more years of production deployment experience using AWS security services and features
  • Ability to make tradeoff decisions with regard to cost, security, and deployment complexity given a set of application requirements
  • An understanding of security operations and risk
  • At least two years of hands-on experience securing AWS workloads
  • Security controls for workloads on AWS
  • A minimum of five years of IT security experience designing and implementing security solutions

6 reviews for AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam Questions 2020

  1. Narendra Mohit

    I passed the Security Speciality exam with 94%. These practice tests were extremely useful. All the questions are carefully drafted along with detailed explanation for all questions.

  2. Kevin Peter

    A definite must-have if you are planning to take the certification! The exams are continuously updated with the latest exam topics. The explanations are in-depth and well-detailed. I’ve used their other courses to pass my other AWS sysops and solutions rchitect exam.

  3. Abhinandan Redy

    The first time I took these practice exams . I like the explanations on the answers of the ones I missed and also the ones I got right to reinforce the concepts. These exams gave me a good feel for what to expect on the exam. I’m now AWS Certified. Thank you!

  4. Billy Vollman

    Solutions to the questions are explained in detail. Queries asked were answered quickly in 24 hrs in detail and satisfactory way. I recommend this course to every cloud aspirant.

  5. Anirban Ghosh

    The content for the explanations was thorough and very specific. I learned a lot from the questions that were right and those that were wrong. Very good supportive detail attached to each test.

  6. Ravi Sankar Chamarthi

    This will surely help you to understand features of AWS services thoroughly. I would suggest to new members. Please go though all explanations given for correct as well as incorrect options given. Passed my exam with good score.

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