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AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate Exam Questions 2021

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AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Sample Exam


AWS SysOps Administrator - Associate Exam Question (15 Questions)

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A user has launched 10 instances from the same AMI ID using Auto Scaling. The user is trying to see the average CPU utilization across all instances of the last 2 weeks under the CloudWatch console. How can the user achieve this?

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You are managing the AWS account of a big organization. The organization has more than 1000+ employees and they want to provide access to the various services to most of the employees. Which of the below mentioned options is the best possible solution in this case?

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Given the following IAM policy:

"Version": "2014-19-17",
"Statement": [
"Effect": "Allow",
"Action": [
"s3:Get*", "s3:List*"
"Resource": "*"
"Effect": "Allow",
"Action": "s3:PutObject",
"Resource": "arn:AWS:s3:::bucket_new/*"

What does the IAM policy allow?

Choose the 2 correct answers:

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A user has configured ELB with SSL using a security policy for secure negotiation between the client and load balancer. Which of the below mentioned SSL protocols is not supported by the security policy?

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Your company has just hit a bottleneck for their on-premise storage and now want to extend their storage to AWS. They want to store the files in S3 and make them available as NFS file shares to their On-premise servers. Which of the following can help achieve this requirement?

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A company currently has started using the Storage gateway service to extend its storage capacity to the AWS Cloud. There is a mandate that all data is encrypted when it is being managed by the AWS Storage gateway. Which of the following would you implement to comply with this request?

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You are designing a Cloudformation template to create a set of EC2 Instance and install an application package. You need to ensure that the stack is only successful if the software package gets installed successfully. Which of the following would assign in achieving this requirement?

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You are a Systems Administrator for a company. You have been instructed to manage the users in AWS for the company. Which of the following are some of the best practises which you must follow with regards to managing security credentials in AWS. Choose 3 answers from the options below

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A user is using a small MySQL RDS DB. The user is experiencing high latency due to the Multi AZ feature. Which of the below mentioned options may not help the user in this situation?

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A company is experiencing high latency due to the Multi AZ feature for their MySQL database. Which of the below mentioned options can help alleviate the situation? Select three options.

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Your company has set a Network Load Balancer in AWS. They need to get the detailed traffic requests that flow into the load balancer. Which of the following can help accomplish this requirement?

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One of your Systems Administrators has defined the following NACL’s rules for a subnet
A security Rule has also been defined for an EC2 Instance in the subnet to allow all incoming traffic on port 80 from anywhere. Which of the following is TRUE based on the above settings?

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A user is observing the EC2 CPU utilization metric on CloudWatch. The user has observed some interesting patterns while filtering over the 1 week period for a particular hour. The user wants to zoom that data point to a more granular period. How can the user do that easily with CloudWatch?

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George has shared an EC2 AMI created in the US East region from his AWS account with Stefano. George copies the same AMI to the US West region. Can Stefano access the copied AMI of George’s account from the US West region?

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A colleague noticed that CloudWatch was reporting that there has not been any connections to one of your MySQL databases for several months. You decided to terminate the database. Two months after the database was terminated, you get a phone call from a very upset user who needs information from that database to run end-of-year reports. What can you do? Choose the correct answer from the options given below.

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14 reviews for AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Exam Questions 2021

  1. Jeetendra Shinde

    This was an awesome training program! I kept on studying and passing the practice exam until I could start scoring 80% as suggested. In my view, I have thought that it might take couple times before I pass the exam, but I have passed in my first try.

  2. Amit Kumar Sethi

    I passed my exam recently by following an online course AND taking all 8 of these practice exams. These practice exams are harder than the actual but an amazing way to prepare. I kept scoring around low to mid 70% on the first 2 or 3 exams, then ramped it up to high 70%. I wanted to hit 80% or better but never could (on my first try). I read all the explanations for each question, studied those and my notes, then took the real exam. I scored above 90% on the real exam so these practice exams are extremely valuable and I cannot recommend it enough! These were critical to me passing!

  3. Fábio Freitas

    Fábio Freitas

    As a training/preparation method, these exams are good and get the job done. Regarding the questions being from exams, I honeslty don’t know how true this is, because my exam only got 2 or 5 questions that came from the exams. Anyway, it’s better to know the information isntead of memorizing answers. If you practice this exams and understand the information, you will succeed in the exam. Not an easy thing, but it pays off in the end.

  4. Cannon Mascarenhas

    Have tried these exams questions and tried until achieve score 90%

    and then i tried sysops certification and successfully passed it,

    thnx to skillcertpro for making this easy!

  5. Shashikant Swain

    Managed to get my cert today despite some poor time management which put me on a tight study schedule and I’m convinced it’s primarily based on how good these PTs/explanations are.

    The questions are very similar to those on the real exam and they are tricky in the same way (they definitely taught me to read every word of every question and answer carefully). The explanations are also very well reasoned and clear.

    Can’t recommend this enough.

  6. Weily Britt

    This is a great concise preparation for the exam. Of all the practice tests that I took, these most closely resembled the exam questions.

  7. Jalendra Yadav

    Passed the sysops certification with 93% yesterday and this really helped me a lot. It is harder than the actual exam. It tests your knowledge on each component and it covers all topics. A good gauge to see if you are ready to take the test. I like how well explained the answers were. I just wish that some questions are less wordy and be direct to the point. But overall, this is the best practice test on the market.

  8. Sailender reddy

    This is very good pratice exam available for this certfication. This exams are really tough than the actual exam. But it helps me to clear the certfication with 913 marks.

  9. Usain Mohammad

    The author has put great effort and time to create this awesome practice exam. The layout, content, explanation, and number of questions are great. Will highly recommend for anyone preparing for the exam.

  10. Poonam Bharut

    Thank you for the Practice Tests. This helped me to be certified AWS sysops admin. The questions in the actual exam matched 80-90% . Suggestion to new subscriber, do practice all questions and must read all explanation.

  11. Usakorn Homsuwan

    You beauty Skillcertpro. Amazingly high quality practice exams. Very good explanation on the correct answers with reasoning. Cheat sheet was great addon to my preparation.
    I ended up scoring 921. Thanks Skillcertpro.

  12. Adam Marine

    I passed the Sysops due to this course. Amazing explanations for the correct as well as incorrect answers. Must for preparation. Passed!

  13. Chan Kai Tan

    Chan Kai Tan

    These are superb practice tests. They provide information and the reasons for the answers chosen. Managed to pass on the first try.

  14. Marc J. Dziezynski

    Excellent practice tests. An eye opener for me. I learnt a lot of topics going through these tests. The explanations for each option, why is it correct and why is it wrong are excellent. Never saw such detailed explanations with proper links. A must for anyone who wants to clear sysops admin

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