Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 Study Guide 2024 [Exam Notes]


Passing Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 Study Guide 2024 certification in 2 days is achievable by focusing on core data concepts, relational and non-relational databases, and data analytics in Azure. It’s a valuable start for beginners in the data field. I will also link down the important resources, practice tests and exam notes

Key Insights of DP-900 Study Guide 2024

β€’ 🌟 Certification Foundation: DP-900 is a foundational certification focusing on core data concepts, relational and non-relational databases, and data analytics in Azure. It serves as a solid starting point for beginners in the data field, providing essential knowledge for further learning and career advancement.✨
β€’ πŸ› οΈ Learning Resources: Apart from the official Microsoft Learn path, Udemy courses and YouTube tutorials are available for preparation. However, the official path is recommended for a comprehensive understanding of the topics covered in the certification exam. Accessing a variety of resources can enhance learning and preparation for the exam.πŸ“š
β€’ Practice tests:
o 800+ real exam questions & you also get access to Cheat sheet which has curated instructor notes that are very beneficial for exam.
o Make sure to aim for above 85% in these mock exams before sitting for the exam
o Go through the explanation to understand the questions and answers
o Refer the master cheat sheet before 4 days of the exam
o By utilizing these resources and actively understanding Data concepts, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the certification exam!

DP-900 Study Guide 2024

Focusing on these key areas will give you a solid foundation for the DP-900 exam:

1. Core Data Concepts (15-20%)

  • Understand data representation (structured, semi-structured, unstructured).
  • Grasp common data workloads (OLTP, OLAP, Data Science).
  • Explore data storage options on Azure (Blob storage, Data Lake Storage, SQL Database).

2. Working with Relational Data on Azure (25-30%)

  • Master relational data structures (tables, columns, rows).
  • Learn about database normalization and its benefits.
  • Be familiar with common SQL statements (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE).
  • Understand Azure services for relational data (SQL Database, Managed Instance, Synapse Analytics).
  • Know basic management tasks for relational databases (security, backups).

3. Working with Non-Relational Data on Azure (25-30%)

  • Recognize use cases for non-relational data (IoT sensor data, social media feeds).
  • Deep dive into Azure Cosmos DB (a NoSQL database service).
  • Learn data management tasks for non-relational data on Azure.

4. Analytics Workloads on Azure (25-30%)

  • Understand components of a modern data warehouse.
  • Explore Azure services for data warehousing (Synapse Analytics).
  • Grasp data processing and ingestion on Azure (data pipelines, Azure Data Factory).
  • Be familiar with data visualization concepts and Microsoft Power BI.

Beyond these core areas, consider:

  • Security considerations for data storage and access on Azure.
  • Cost optimization strategies for Azure data services.

By focusing on these areas and utilizing the provided resources, you’ll be well on your way to DP-900 success! Remember, the exam percentages indicate the weight each section carries, so prioritize your studying accordingly.

β€’ πŸ•’ Time Management: Completing the certification in two days is feasible, depending on the individuals existing knowledge and understanding of the topics. Beginners may need more time to grasp the concepts fully, while those with prior experience in data-related fields might find it achievable within the given timeframe. Effective time management is crucial for successful completion of the certification.⏳
β€’ πŸ’‘ Career Impact: While DP-900 certification is valuable for beginners and enhances their resume, it may not guarantee a dream job in the data field. However, it serves as a stepping stone towards further certifications and career opportunities. Building a solid foundation through this certification can boost confidence and open doors to growth in the data industry.πŸš€
β€’ 🎯 Focus Areas: The certification syllabus covers core data concepts, relational and non-relational databases, and data analytics in Azure. Understanding these fundamental areas is essential for anyone venturing into the data field, as they form the basis for more advanced concepts and practices. Mastery of these topics is key to success in data-related roles.πŸ“Š
β€’ πŸ“ˆ Practical Application: The certification not only focuses on theoretical knowledge but also emphasizes practical application through data analytics in Azure. Learning to handle data, build data pipelines, and analyze real-time data using Azure services like Azure Data Factory and Azure Synapse Analytics provides hands-on experience essential for real-world scenarios. Applying theoretical knowledge to practical situations enhances skills and understanding in the data field.πŸ”
β€’ πŸ“œ Continuous Learning: While obtaining the DP-900 certification is a significant achievement, it is essential to view it as a starting point for continuous learning and growth in the data field. Pursuing further certifications, gaining practical experience, and staying updated on industry trends are crucial for long-term success and advancement in data-related roles.

Highlights for DP-900 Study Guide 2024

β€’ πŸš€ Not a prerequisite for higher-level certifications.
β€’ πŸŽ“ Focus on beginners in Azure and those exploring data roles.
β€’ πŸ“š Official Microsoft Learn path recommended.
β€’ πŸ’» Practice using skillcertpro practice tests.
β€’ πŸ“Š Syllabus covers core data concepts, relational & non-relational databases, and data analytics in Azure.
β€’ ⏰ Two days enough for completion, depending on existing knowledge.
β€’ πŸ’Ό Certification boosts confidence and enhances resume.

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