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(DCA) Docker Certified Associate Exam Questions 2021

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  • Contains 682 Questions
  • Total Practice Sets: 11
  • Taken exclusively from the previous real exams.
  • Last updated: Aug 3rd
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  • The sample Exam Given below

(DCA) Docker Certified Associate Sample Exam Questions


Docker Certified Associate DCA - Sample Exam (15 Questions)

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If the type of orchestrator is changed, the existing workload will migrate to the new orchestrator automatically.

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Which of the following is the default AppArmor security profile for containers in Docker?

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By default, how much time does a node take to renew its certificate in a swarm cluster?

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The overlay storage driver only works with 2 layers: lowerdir and upperdir.

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By default, a container can only consume 60% of the resources provided by the host’s kernel scheduler.

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How many cgroups are created for each container in Docker?

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Which of the following algorithms is used by the manager node to manage the state of the swarm cluster?

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Here is a list of all the docker images stored on your docker host. Out of all these images, we want to remove images referencing to the fd484f19954f image tag. Which of the following commands will return a flawless result?
img-1 latest fd484f19954f 23 seconds ago 7 B (virtual 4.964 MB)
img-2 latest fd484f19954f 23 seconds ago 7 B (virtual 4.964 MB)
img-3 latest fd484f19954f 23 seconds ago 7 B (virtual 4.964 MB)
img-4 latest ba458d17824c 30 seconds ago 7 B (virtual 4.964 MB)
img-5 latest ca562b85961a 52 seconds ago 7 B (virtual 4.964 MB)
Here is a list of all the docker images stored on your docker host. Out of all these images, we want to remove images referencing to the fd484f19954f image tag. Which of the following commands will return a flawless result?
img-1 latest fd484f19954f 23 seconds ago 7 B (virtual 4.964 MB)
img-2 latest fd484f19954f 23 seconds ago 7 B (virtual 4.964 MB)
img-3 latest fd484f19954f 23 seconds ago 7 B (virtual 4.964 MB)
img-4 latest ba458d17824c 30 seconds ago 7 B (virtual 4.964 MB)
img-5 latest ca562b85961a 52 seconds ago 7 B (virtual 4.964 MB)

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Which of the following commands is used to login into Docker registry?

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Docker configs are encrypted and stored inside the container’s RAM.

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True or False?
docker exec command only runs if the container’s primary process is running.

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How many sub-networks can be created on the default bridge network?

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Task is a unidirectional mechanism. 

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You want to run an nginx web-server container as a background process. Make sure that the container's port 80 is mapped to port 8080 on local host machine. As the final output, you should be able to access the default landing page of nginx web-server. Which of the following is the correct command for it? 

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You want to search for a BusyBox official Docker Image with minimum rating of 30 stars. Which of the following commands will provide you the correct results?

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  • We are offering 682 latest real Docker Certified Associate Exam Questions for practice, which will help you to score higher in your exam.
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  • Do review wrong & right answers and thoroughly go through explanations provided to each question which will help you understand the question.
  • Master Cheat Sheet was prepared by instructors which contains personal notes of them for all exam objectives. Carefully written to help you all understand the topics easily. It is recommended to use the Master cheat sheet as a final step of preparation to cram the important topics before the exam.
  • Weekly updates: We have a dedicated team updating our question bank on a regular basis, based on the feedback of students on what appeared on the actual exam, as well as through external benchmarking.

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In today’s job market, Docker skills are highly sought after, and the Docker Certified Associate (DCA) exam is designed to validate that skillset with real world questions designed by experienced Docker practitioners. As the first exam in a comprehensive multi-tiered professional certification program, the DCA serves as a foundational benchmark for real world Docker skills across the container industry. Are you ready to prove your Docker skills? Get Docker Certified today!

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Docker Certified Associate Exam Details

  • 13 multiple choice and 42 discrete option multiple-choice (DOMC) questions in 90 minutes
  • Designed to validate professionals with a minimum of 6 to 12 months of Docker experience
  • Remotely proctored on your Windows or Mac computer
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12 reviews for (DCA) Docker Certified Associate Exam Questions 2021

  1. Ernest Medina

    Awesome!!! I cleared the Docker exam recently and certainly this set of question papers was very helpful towards brushing the concepts and digging back to notes to solve the tricky ones – this proved very useful to answer some of those very conceptual scenarios based questions during the actual exam. Thank you for such a wonderfully curated paper…..

  2. Jannie Franci

    Great and exceeded expectations, each practice test is really helpful with wide variety of questions. my confidence is increased to go for the exam. Finally passed.

  3. Vikas Naidu

    Very well structured set of questions in each of these sample tests. It was quite similar in difficulty to the questions that I faced in the actual certification exam. Provided a great hand-on experience in how one should go about choosing answers in the multi-choice, as many questions in the actual exam have tricky choices. I would greatly recommend these tests for anyone wishing to take the Docker certification. The recommendation to retake the exams till we achieve 80% consistently was spot on!

  4. Debasish Majumder

    Today I passed my exam. Great course really prepared me for the test.

    These sample questions are really good and documented with appropriate information and explanations. These practice exams added value to my knowledge and I would recommend others to use these sample papers as a reference.

    I completed the my training and then used these papers to check my readiness for the exam. I like the format of these practice tests and I especially like the feedback.

  5. Nima Ram

    Very helpful, if anything these were harder than the actual exam so by the time I took the exam I felt quite confident and passed easily. My only complaint with these is that some of the questions are poorly worded making them difficult to answer. Anyways I Highly recommend.

  6. Jaggi Keerath

    I got 90% of the questions from this practice sets only. Passed with 92% in the first attempt itself. Thanks, Skillcertpro for this wonderful content and explanation of questions which helped me a lot

  7. Hanney Sunar

    The actual test is very similar to these practice tests. The explanations provided are self-sufficient. I scored 82, 74, 83, 80, 74 in the 5 skillcertpro practice tests . Analyzed them and then attempted Docker actual exam on Monday. I scored 88% in the official exam. This is a must-buy course if you want to pass the exams with flying colors.

  8. Alex Foreman


    There is a few kubernetes topics covered, but overall questions are similar to the real exam.

    Remember to study DOMC questions in order not to be confused during the exam.

  9. Jason Wang

    Just passed the Docker exam on 5/30. This was my second try and I didn’t use the practice exams for the first one. The detail that these questions go into was very helpful for the actual exam. The explanations also helped me fill in any gaps of information that I was missing. I 1000% recommend these!

  10. Albeto H

    Highly recommend this! The structure, complexity, content of the questions are the same as the actual exam. Best part is the explanation! Not only does it explain the correct answers but it also explains what each of the services do in the incorrect options. This then is a great way to not only understand the reasoning behind the correct answer but also learn new information while reading the incorrect options.

  11. Anderson Mattos

    Great question bank. Don’t get discouraged if you feel practice exams are difficult. In my experience, the real exam was easier than the practice exams. However, the higher difficulty just leads to better preparation. This practice exam help me a lot.
    I got nearly 50% +straight from these tests and rest of them are almost similar questions.

  12. Mike Harley

    This was very helpful in studying for the exam. I sent it to all my colleagues and friends that were studying for the certificate as well. Thank u.

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