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CCSP (Cloud Security) Exam Questions 2024

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  • Contains 1300 Questions
  • Total Practice Sets: 22
  • Taken exclusively from the previous real exams.
  • Last updated: 09-Jun-2024
  • Bonus : Master Cheat Sheet Included
  • Sample Exam Given below
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Sample exam for CCSP (Cloud Security)

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  • We are offering 1300 latest real CCSP Exam Questions for practice, which will help you to score higher in your exam.
  • Aim for above 85% or above in our mock exams before giving the main exam. 
  • Do review wrong & right answers and thoroughly go through explanations provided to each question which will help you understand the question.
  • Master Cheat Sheet was prepared by instructors which contains personal notes of them for all exam objectives. Carefully written to help you all understand the topics easily. It is recommended to use the Master cheat sheet as a final step of preparation to cram the important topics before the exam.
  • Weekly updates: We have a dedicated team updating our question bank on a regular basis, based on the feedback of students on what appeared on the actual exam, as well as through external benchmarking.

Become a CCSP – Certified Cloud Security Professional

Earning the globally recognized CCSP cloud security certification is a proven way to build your career and better secure critical assets in the cloud.

The CCSP shows you have the advanced technical skills and knowledge to design, manage and secure data, applications and infrastructure in the cloud using best practices, policies and procedures established by the cybersecurity experts at (ISC)².

Prove your skills, advance your career, and gain support from a community of cybersecurity leaders here to help you throughout your professional journey.


The CCSP exam now consists of 150 multiple-choice questions (100 operational items with 50 pretest items) to be answered in 4 hours. The exam contains 1,000 possible points, and passing requires a score of at least 700 points (70%).

Questions are not equally distributed among the six domains of the (ISC)² CCSP certification exam. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Domain 1 – Cloud Concepts, Architecture and Design: 17%
  • Domain 2 – Cloud Data Security: 20%
  • Domain 3 – Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Security: 17%
  • Domain 4 – Cloud Application Security: 17%
  • Domain 5 – Cloud Security Operations: 16%
  • Domain 6 – Legal, Risk and Compliance: 13%

The content of the exam has been refreshed (effective August 1, 2022), and as a result (ISC)² has updated only two of the domain weights from the previous version dated August 2019: Domain 2 went from 19% up to 20% and Domain 5 went from 17% down to 16%.


According to the (ISC)2 website, the answer is yes if you:

–  “Are an experienced IT professional who’s involved with IT architecture, web and cloud security engineering, information security, governance, risk and compliance or IT auditing.

–  Are heavily involved with the cloud (or you’d like to be) in a global environment. You’re responsible for migrating to, managing or advising on the integrity of cloud-based software, such as Salesforce, Office 365, Optum, Impact Cloud, JIRA Software, SharePoint or CTERA.

–  Are an early adopter who loves being on the leading edge of technology.

–  Are passionate about security.

–  Want to differentiate yourself (or your business).

–  Want to stay up-to-speed on rapidly evolving cloud technologies, threats and mitigation strategies.

In addition, many who pursue the CCSP find it useful for working with organizations committed to DevSecOps, Agile or Bimodal IT practices.

The CCSP is ideal for those working in roles such as:

–  Enterprise Architect

–  Security Administrator

–  Systems Engineer

–  Security Architect

–  Security Consultant

–  Security Engineer

–  Security Manager

–  Systems Architect***”

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who has begun to study for the CCSP exam and is looking to start testing their knowledge.
  • Anyone studying for the CCSP who wants to feel confident about being prepared for the exam.

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15 reviews for CCSP (Cloud Security) Exam Questions 2024

  1. Subash Madhusudan

    Passed the CCSP Exam. This was my only source for practice exams. Sincere thanks to skillcertpro

  2. Gadve Anand

    I ordered this course because I struggled with the exam and failed twice. I believed I knew the information and transferring that knowledge to the exam was hard for me. After taking this course, I was more confident in my test-taking ability, and skillcrtpro was I right. With the aid of this course, I am now CCSP Certified.

  3. Matthew Willis

    These practice tests are great, definitely helping me identify areas for improvement prior to taking the plunge on the exam. Update, passed the exam on the first try! Thank you for all the help!

  4. Santan Batar

    The question were well drafted to challenge the fundamentals understanding of the CCSP. Were practical in assuring the core knowledge has been attained. Well done!! Passed!

  5. Sindhu R

    Passed my CCSP exam . All thanks to this practice tests.. Helped me to preprare for the exam

  6. Vishal Kumar

    Excellent stuff. Thanks to this course I passed my exam with a very good result. Most of the questions/concepts were used in the actual exam. Recommend it to anyone who’s interested in CCSP

  7. Francis Anthony Gesta

    Your Practice sets content helped me very much for preparing the exam. Especially I liked the review answer section and grouping of the questions more which helps to revise the concepts clearly based on the modules. Thank you for this quality course !

  8. Sumitha Reddy

    Fantastic study material. I just passed my exam and I learned some of the new concepts and there were few questions in my real exam from those sections, that I never read before this course. Happy to go through this course at the very last moment

  9. Cleber Gomes

    Take this before going to the exam: you’re paying for more than just a set of practice exams. The detailed explanations are accurate and will guide your study better than any textbook or in-classroom learning. and there are frequent updates to the questions.

    I reckon, those who prefer hands-on study will still benefit from learning obscure details and gotchas that will appear in the actual exam.

    My exam was really difficult and with only 20 minutes left to spare, I still managed to clear. All thanks to this.

  10. Joseph Wills

    Awesome! It helped me a lot to clear my concepts. The explanation for every answers are very nicely described. I got certified and this practice exams have played very important role in achieving this certificate. Thanks a lot!

  11. Sujoy Nag

    Each successive practice test ratchets it up a bit over the previous test, providing a great level of challenge and introducing new topics beyond even the course itself, covering items that are confirmed to be necessary for the actual exam! Skillcertpro tests are the gold standard among practice tests. They’re difficult, but they really help!

  12. Borch Evans

    Very well structured set of questions in each of these sample tests. It was quite similar in difficulty to the questions that I faced in the actual certification exam. Provided a great hand-on experience in how one should go about choosing answers in the multi-choice, as many questions in the actual exam have tricky choices. I would greatly recommend these tests for anyone wishing to take the ccsp certification. The recommendation to retake the exams till we achieve 80% consistently was spot on!

    I was able to successfully get a passing grade thanks to these!

  13. Soumya Barman

    Questions in this course are good, very detailed explanations are provided. Also it helps you in terms of gaining knowledge & overall understanding of CCSP Platform that helped in the exam.

  14. Roberto Gallis

    Happy that you guys keep this stuff up to current. I noticed as I go through the practice tests that the versions change and that you note the reason for the change. Now, I van only hope that your instruction and guidance is the pivotal answer to me being able to pass the CCSP exam! Thank you!

  15. Rahul patel

    nice ccsp question

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