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Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Practice Tests 2021

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Sample Exam for Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)


Sample Exam (15 Questions): Certified Associate in Project Management - CAPM

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You are the project manager of a project that has preset budget and must be completed within six months. You’ve completed the first phase of your project. The stakeholder, however, wants to know why one of the changes you and he discussed was not implemented into the deliverable. During the original conversation about the change the stakeholder wanted to perform a cost-benefits analysis, which he reported the results of to you. What’s your response?

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You need to know when project team members are available to work on the project. Which calendar will take into account project team members’ vacations?

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You are the Project Manager of a project to install new light fixtures throughout several factories. The project is expected to last one year and has a BAC of $750,000. The project is now in month four and has a CPI of .89. Which one of the following statements is true about this project?

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Lenny is the project manager of the GHA Project for his company. A recent earned value management calculation shows that Lenny has a CPI of .98 on this project. A project that has a CPI of .98 means what?

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You are the project manager for your organization and you’re examining several projects you’re managing for your company. In your analysis you’ve noticed that one of your projects has a CPI of .98. A project that has a CPI of .98 means what?

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Eric is the project manager for his organization and he’s been working on drafting the project charter. In this case Eric needs to define who will issue the project charter since he’s the person writing it. Who issues the project charter?

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During the initial project team meeting, the project manager and the project team established ground rules for how project team meetings would operate. Tina, a project team member, is not obeying the project rules. Who has the responsibility to enforce the rules?

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You are the project manager of the NHJ Project. This project is to create a new software package for a client. You’re working with the client, business analysts, software developers, business developers, and the sales team to create the vision and requirements of the newly initiated project. Of the following, which one determines the scope of the project?

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Assumptions must be identified and documented as part of project planning. Which one of the following is an assumption?

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Which one of the following is an example of smoothing?

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John is the project sponsor for your project and you’ve been working with him regarding some quality and risk issues. Which of the following statements is true about the project sponsor’s activities?

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All of the following are true statements about the Staffing Management Plan except for which one?

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Which one of the following is the best tool for tracking project scope?

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You are the project manager for your organization. The ART project, which you have been working on for the last two months, has a very strict cost constraint, high requirements for quality, and must be completed within the next eight months. If the project exceeds its budget by more than 1 percent, management will deem the project a failure. Changes to your project have caused the project costs to increase slightly, thereby expanding the project schedule by two weeks. Of the following, which control mechanism is the most important in this project?

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Holly Ann is the project manager of the GVF Project which is similar to the HGF Project she just completed. She and the project team are about to begin creating the WBS for the GVF Project and she would like to use the WBS from the HGF Project to create the current WBS. This is an example of which one of the following?

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Regardless of your career stage, the Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® is an asset that will distinguish you in the job market and enhance your credibility and effectiveness working on — or with — project teams.

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Project management is a rapidly growing profession. Through 2020, 1.57 million new jobs will be created each year and qualified practitioners are in demand. With the CAPM, you’ll be on the fast track to opportunity.

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5 reviews for Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) Practice Tests 2021

  1. Brain Allare

    The author has put great effort and time to create this awesome practice exam. The layout, content, explanation, and number of questions are great. Very identical to real exam. Passed ! Will highly recommend for anyone preparing for the exam.

  2. Brian Salman

    Course sets the bar high by striking good balance of all complexity of the questions which helps you remain grounded. One great thing while reviewing the answers is that it walks you through each option explaining why that option is correct or incorrect instead of simply telling that since B is right hence A, C and D are wrong. Once you complete this course, you feel more confident while going to real exam.

  3. Anirudh Sodhani

    The question bank is as close to the real set of question I came across on my recent CAPM exam. I passed with a decent score. More importantly, I found these exams very useful to point me in the right direction where I needed to focus my attention.

  4. Satish Joshi

    Excellent stuff. Thanks to this course I passed my exam with a very good result. Most of the questions/concepts were used in the actual exam. Recommend it to anyone who’s interested in CAPM

  5. Melinda Hodges

    I have only used the practise test as my company has already paid for a course. What I like the most of the practice test is that it is close to and also slightly harder than the real exam. That means if you pass the practise test, you are good to take the real one. At the end, I passed my real exam.

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