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CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) Exam Questions 2020

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CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) Sample Exam


Sample Exam (15 Questions): Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

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The interfacethat allows access to lower- or higher-level network services is called:

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The lack of adequate security controls represents a(n):

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An IS auditor is performing a review of the software quality management process in an organization. The FIRST step should be to:

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Which of the following is an example of the defense-in-depth security principle?

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Which of the following can consume valuable network bandwidth?

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An IS auditor is reviewing a new web-based order entry system the week before it goes live. The auditor has identified that the application, as designed, may be missing several critical controls regarding how the system stores customer credit card information. The IS auditor should FIRST:

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When implementing an IT governance framework in an organization the MOST important objective is:

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Security administration procedures require read-only access to:

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Which of the following BEST ensures that business requirements are met prior to implementation?

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Which of the following is the MOST important for an IS auditor to consider when reviewing a service level agreement (SLA) with an external IT service provider?

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When an information security policy has been designed, it is MOST important that the information security policy be:

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When performing an audit of access rights, an IS auditor should be suspicious of which of the following if allocated to a computer operator?

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For an online transaction processing system, transactions per second is a measure of:

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Which of the following encryption techniques will BEST protect a wireless network from a man-in-the-middle attack?

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After an organization completed a threat and vulnerability analysis as part of a risk assessment, the final report suggested that an intrusion prevention system (IPS) should be installed at the main Internet gateways, and that all business units should be separated via a proxy firewall. Which of the following is the BEST method to determine whether the controls should be implemented?

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As a Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), you’re tasked with tremendous responsibility: You’ll audit, control and provide security of information systems for a multitude of industries throughout the business and IT sectors.

To become the very best cyber security professional possible, you first need to start with a strong academic background. There are many traditional and online programs that can prepare you for your career path. However, if you want to take your career to the next level, you will likely need an additional certification from a professional organization.

As a rule, professional organizations and technology companies have led the tech as far as career advancement credentials, and there have been organizations for computer security professionals since the 1960’s. The ISACA is one such organization. Formed in 1967, the association now claims over 140,000 members worldwide. The membership is organized by 200 chapters in 80 countries.

As an educational resource, the ISACA publishes a regular journal and maintains databases of research and other documents to help cyber security professionals stay at the front of the industry—and their specialty. They also offer a certification program, the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), that gives members high-status credentials.


When you can add “Certified” to the Information Systems Auditor title on your resume, other professionals will see that you are a qualified and acknowledged expert who has been tested, proven and who continues to develop in the field. They will know that you have the knowledge and skills needed to provide efficient and experienced auditing services and that you have been credentialed by one of the most prestigious security associations in the industry.

When you perform an audit as a CISA, you will have an added level of confidence that academic degrees alone cannot match. Your certification will also give you an edge when it comes time to negotiate salary or a consultation fee.

The CISA designation is also accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). This third-party verification ensures that the ISACA’s programs maintain a verified level of excellence.


To become a certified CISA, you will first need to pass the certifying exam. Applicants will need a minimum of five years’ work experience as an information systems auditor. However, you can waive up to three years of that experience requirement if you’ve met the following criteria:

  • One year of experience as an Information Systems auditor. You may also submit one year of non-IS auditing experience.
  • A two or four-year degree, which can be substituted for the experience requirement, provided that your degree was earned within the previous 10 years. The associate’s degree can substitute for one year of experience, while a bachelor’s degree will substitute for two years.
  • Hold a master’s degree in Information Security, Information Technology, or the equivalent. A graduate degree can count for one year of experience.
  • Two years’ experience as a university professor of computer science, accounting or information systems auditing can be substituted for one year of experience in the field.

Once you have met the experience criteria, you will then need to agree to the ISACA code of professional ethics. Finally, you must adhere to the continuing professional education (CPE) program, which ensures that you continue to develop as a professional. You must maintain your membership fees to the ISACA and complete at least 20 CPE hours per year.

Finally, you must agree to maintain the auditing standards of the ISACA and of all CISA holders. If it is found that a CISA’s work is not in compliance with the association’s standards, that professional might lose credential standing or otherwise face disciplinary measures.


The CISA exam is comprised of five domains or sections. There are 150 questions on the exam and you will have four hours to complete it. For each domain there are items which will test your procedural skills and then a set that evaluates your knowledge.

Section % of Exam What It Will Test
Process of Auditing Information Services 21% You will be asked to provide audit services that comply with standards that protect and control information.
Governance and Management of Information Technology 16% You will need to demonstrate that you can delegate responsibilities among professionals to ensure information security.
Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Implementation 18% You will need to ensure that the organization’s objectives are met regarding its information systems strategy.
Information Systems Operations, Maintenance and Service Management 20% Assure that the processes for these areas supports the organization’s objectives.
Protection of Information Assets 25% Assure the organization that its information will maintain its integrity, confidentiality and accessibility.

If you are currently working in the field as an IS auditor, or are envisioning IS auditing as a career, consider taking the CISA exam and enhancing your career with this potent credential. Every resume in the IS field needs to reflect continual growth in terms of learning and knowledge, and the CISA standards provide assurance that your work adheres to high standards. Consult the ISACA’s website today and start on the road to the next level in your career.

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7 reviews for CISA (Certified Information Systems Auditor) Exam Questions 2020

  1. AN Abirah Nadeem

    I recently passed the exam. This course is really good. It covers all most all of the topics that require to pass the CISA Exam. I got around 50% from these practice tests. You cannot expect to have the same exact questions on the exam. But, the explanation after doing the review of the practice questions is what helps to understand the terms in detail. I retook each practice questions twice and read the terms thoroughly before sitting for the exam. Thank you skillcertpro.

  2. Viraj Kularatna

    Questions in this course are relatively long compared to the actual exam. But that really helps you to discipline your self for the exam. Passed.- First attempt. Thank you so much for your guidance.

  3. Karthikeyan Thiyagarajan

    Coming to this practice tests course, I really liked the variety, scope and the quality of the questions. Most importantly, at the end of each test, a detailed explanation of each question is provided; in that explanation, we can just not see the correct answer but why it’s correct and why others are not the correct answers. These explanations include authentic information and screenshots and links for validity of the subject. To be frank, when I enrolled in this course, I expected it will tell me which is right and wrong but the way this course is laid out is really amazing and I would say a step ahead. Skillcertpro encourages students to just not the beat the exam but to learn the content and understand the subject so we can use it in our daily lives. Cleared my exam. 🙂

  4. Ahmed C

    Great efforts have been put to prepare these practice tests with explanation to each and every answer.

    Passed this morning 🙂

  5. Mark Bainter

    Great course to help you prepare for the CISA exam. I passed the exam using this course and other study guides. The CISA exam seemed slightly harder than this these tests. The explanations are very through to the questions. Understanding the concepts is important to passing the tests. Knowing how the answer was attained will help pass the test. The study guide given. with practice exam was also very good.

  6. Patrick Agbedejobi

    Good set of practice tests. The questions were similar to the ones you get in the real exam. My only concern is that some questions were repeated throughout all the 10 tests (10-15 repeated questions ). I can understand if the same question is asked in a different way but it was an exact replica. It would have been great if the questions were all unique.
    Finally cleared. Thanks a lot.

  7. Ifueko Odia

    Excellent practice tests. An eye opener for me. I learnt a lot of topics going through these tests. The explanations for each option, why is it correct and why is it wrong are excellent. Never saw such detailed explanations with proper links. A must for CISA certification preparation.

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