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Certified Application Security Engineer (Java) Exam Questions 2024

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Certified Application Security Engineer (Java) Exam Questions 2024


We at skillcertpro providing you with 200+ curated Certified Application Security Engineer (Java) Exam Questions 2024 for you to successfully prepare and clear the exam on the first attempt.

EC-Council’s Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) certificationfor Java authenticate the competencies of candidates in developing highly secure robust Java applications. The certification training renders far-reaching understanding of the methodologies and practices to induce utmost security to the application while in development, across all software development life cycle (SDLC) phases. The training and certification course expertly explains the implementation of security-focused methodologies and practices for developing Java applications in the operating environment prone to a range of security threats and risks.The CASE Java certification training course renders comprehensive skills highly demanded by employers globally.The certification ensures to address security issues and concerns that may arise in the application while the application passed through each phase of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) including planning, designing, testing, and deployment.

It is recommended to have the below knowledge when attempting the Certified Application Security Engineer (Java) Exam Questions 2024

  • Anticipate application security threats, risks, and attacks
  • Collect the requirements for application security
  • Build application design and architecture that is highly secure
  • Practices for secure coding that would validate inputs
  • Practices for secure coding practices that ensure authentication and authorization
  • Practices to secure coding for cryptography
  • Practices for secure coding to enforce session management
  • Practices for secure coding that could perform effortless error handling
  • Techniques to perform static and dynamic application security testing (SAST and DAST)
  • Securely deploy and maintain applications

Skills measured


  • Understanding Application Security, Threats, and Attacks Security Requirements Gathering Secure Application Design and Architecture
  • Secure Coding Practices for Input Validation
  • Secure Coding Practices for Authentication and Authorization
  • Secure Coding Practices for Cryptography
  • Secure Coding Practices for Session Management
  • Secure Coding Practices for Error Handling
  • Static and Dynamic Application Security Testing (SAST & DAST)
  • Secure Deployment and Maintenance

Exam Format

Exam Information

To attain the credentials of CASE Java, candidates need to pass the following exam:

Certification Name Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) Java
Test Format Multiple Choice Questions
Number of Questions 50
Test Duration 2 Hours
Passing Score 70%


You can register for the Certified Application Security Engineer (Java) exam here : https://www.eccouncil.org/programs/application-security-training/

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6 reviews for Certified Application Security Engineer (Java) Exam Questions 2024

  1. Merle Wright

    Good questions helped me identify gaps in my learning. The wording is mostly clear and the content was relevant to helping me pass. Practice tests are a must for preparing for CASE exam. Thank you all.

  2. Masud Agha

    Did these exams after doing the official training, really exposed the areas the official training was lacking and fine-tuned my understanding of some of the areas with more nuance. Many questions are very similar to questions on the actual exam. Would heavily recommend, especially if you can get it on! $20?? Incredible deal.

  3. Lee Gibbs

    These practice tests are extremely helpful. It is great to be able to test in a realistic representation of the actual testing environment. It was also very helpful to review my areas of weakness and drill down to individual incorrect responses to further my understanding of the content.

  4. Emily Willis

    Questions in exam were about 70% from these practice tests. But, to be honest, this practice test is the only thing I used for preparation and it helped me ace the exam

    Even though some questions might be different than what is provided here, this exam will prepare you to brave those questions comfortably.

  5. Manoel Benicio Filho

    The practice tests were very much useful and I have gone through them 2-3 times before taking the final exam. I was able to complete my exam with a good score last week. Thankyou Skillcertpro 🙂

  6. Sergii Vasylenko

    Highly recommend completing all 4 practice tests. Most questions are similar to what appears on the actual exam and the slightly higher difficulty of the other questions in these tests prepare you well for the actual exam. Passed!

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