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Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (AZ-303) Exam Questions 2021

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Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (AZ-303) Sample Exam



Microsoft Azure AZ-303 Sample Exam (15 Questions)

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A company wants to migrate a set of virtual machines from their on-premise vmware infrastructure. They have a vCenter server in place.
They have setup their Azure account and have the following resources deployed

Which of the following would they need to setup on the VCenter server?

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A team needs to configure encryption for the underlying Windows virtual machines. They need to execute an Azure command line interface command to enable encryption on the virtual machine

az vm encryption enable --resource-group "skillcertlab-rg" --name "demovm" -disk-encryption-keyvault
skillcertlabvault" [[Slotl]] Data

Which of the following would go into Slot1?

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A team has defined a virtual network in Azure. The output of the powershell command when used to retrieve the details of the virtual network is given below

If a virtual machine is deployed to the virtual network, which of the following could be a possible private IP address assigned to the virtual machine?

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A company needs to deploy a Linux scale set to Azure. Below is the initial requirements of the scale set
SKU size of the Virtual machine – Standard_A1
Initial capacity – 2
Underlying OS – Ubuntu 16.04
A sample application needs to be installed on the underlying machines
Below is a snippet of the template that would be used for deployment purpose

Which of the following would go into Slot2?

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A company currently has 2 virtual networks. Currently there are no virtual machines defined in either subnet
Subnet in skillcertlab-vnet1:

Subnet in skillcertlab-vnet2

The company wants to implement Virtual Network Peering. Which of the following needs to be carried first out before implementing Virtual Network peering?

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A company wants to employ the user of conditional access policies for different requirement types. Below are the set of requirements
Requirement 1 – Ensure all users are registered for MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication). If there are any user attempts which are tagged as risky sign-in’s then the user will be prompted for MFA.
Requirement 2- Block access requests which come from Office client versions 2010 or older.
Requirement 3 – Here MFA will need to be implemented for users who need to login to the Azure portal, Azure Powershell or the Azure CLI
Which of the following would be the ideal built in conditional access policy to implement for Requirement2?

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A company is planning on hosting a set of servers in Azure. Some of these servers will run SQL Server 2016. These servers will be deployed to different data centers in the same Azure region. These will be part of an Always On availability group
The data on the servers will be backed up by using the SQL IaaS Agent Extension
Below are the key requirements for the storage for the different components of the Virtual Machine
Operating System - Speed and availability for the storage priority
Database and logs - Speed and availability for the storage priority
Backups - This should use the lowest cost option for storage
You have to decide what is the ideal storage requirement for each component
Which of the following would you implement for the Operating System?

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View Case Study
1. Overview
3. skillcertlabs is an online training provider.
5. Current System - Training Site:
7. The system consists of 3 tiers
9. Front end Web App
10. Middle tier API
11. Back end data store
13. The backend is running on Microsoft SQL server 2016
14. All servers are running on Windows
15. The Front and Middle tiers are written in C# and hosted on Internet Information Services
17. The system currently has the following requirements:
19. The front and middle tier components currently make use of encryption keys to access the data store
20. Backups are maintained in 2 separate locations that are 80 miles apart
21. The backups need to be stored for up to 5 years
22. Traffic to the servers needs to be controlled via source IP address and port no
23. Access to the system should only be via the internal network of skillcertlabs
25. Current System – Processing system:
27. skillcertlabs also has an internal processing system. This is a C# Windows based service that gets invoked based on requests from the main training system. Each invocation of this service lasts for a maximum of 2 minutes.
29. Planned Changes:
31. skillcertlabs wants to migrate all systems to Azure
33. Key requirements:
35. Infrastructure services must remain available if a region or a data center fails.
36. Failover must occur without any administrative intervention
37. Wherever possible, Azure managed serves must be used to management overhead
38. Whenever possible, costs must be minimized.
39. An SLA of 99.95% must be guaranteed on the Infrastructure for the front and middle tier systems

You have to ensure the Virtual Machines use the right mechanism to access the Azure SQL Server backend data store. Which of the following could be a feature that could be used for secure access?

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A company has defined an alert in Azure Monitor. An action group has been defined as shown below which has been attached to the alert.

Based on the alert procedure defined, the alert which has the action group gets triggered every minute?
Based on the alerts and action group how many times would an email be sent in an hour?

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A company is developing an application that will consist of various services. The application will be used to host an online training site. The services will be hosted on Azure Virtual Machines which will interact with Azure SQL database and Azure Table storage as the backend store. The functionality of some of the services are given below
Course Display Service - This is used to store and display information about courses. Here the data need not be persisted across sessions.
Login Service - This managed the login for the user. Here the data needs to be persisted across sessions.
Student details - This service is used to display the details of students. Here the data needs to be persisted across sessions.
As per the current architecture recommendations, the services will be designed using the Microservices architecture. Azure Service Fabric will be used as the underlying Azure service.
You have to ensure you create the right service types in Azure Service Fabric
You decide to use stateless Reliable Service for the Course Display Service and stateful Reliable Services for the other services
Does this fulfil the requirement?

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A development team is going to be making use of the Azure Service Bus for enabling messaging in one of the systems being developed. An Azure service bus queue is going to be used for this purpose. It also needs to be ensured that a First-In-First-Out pattern can be in place for the messages in the queue. Which of the following feature within the queue can be used for this purpose?

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A company needs to setup an Application gateway as part of their Azure subscription for an application. They need to guarantee an SLA of 99.95% for the application and also ensure that the costs are minimized. Which of the following needs to be in place to adhere to the requirements?

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A company has a Logic App created and named skillcertlabs-logicapp. The application is configured to provide a response when an HTTP POST or HTTP GET request is received. The application should have the capability to receive up to 200,000 requests in a 5-minute period during peak loads.
Which of the following should you configure to ensure that the application is able to handle the expected load?

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Your company needs to deploy a Docker based application to Azure. The application needs to run in an Azure Web app that supports Linux. You need to architect the script to carry out the required operations

az [[Slotl]] create -n skillcertlab-rg -l westus
az [[Slot2]] plan create -g skillcertlab-rg -n skillcertlabplan -is-linux -number-of-workers 2 -sku S1
az [[Slot3]] create -n skillcertlabapp -g skillcertlab-rg -p skillcertlabplan -i skillcertlab/testimage

Which of the following would go into Slot3?

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You are designing a solution to secure a company’s Azure resources. The environment hosts 10 teams. Each team manages a project and has a project manager, a virtual machine (VM) operator, developers, and contractors. Project managers must be able to manage everything except access and authentication for users. VM operators must be able to manage VMs, but not the virtual network or storage account to which they are connected. Developers and contractors must be able to manage storage accounts. You recommend below roles for based employee type. Project Manager - Contributor VM Operators - Virtual Machine Contributor Developers - Storage Account Contributor Contractors - Storage Account Contributor Does this meet the requirement?

Your score is


Implementing Azure Infrastructure

  • Learning how to deploy and configure networking
  • Build and Configure Windows & Linux Virtual Machines
  • Build, Configure and Secure Storage Accounts
  • Configure Azure Active Directory
  • Automate deployments using PowerShell, Azure CLI, ARM Templates and Azure DevOps
  • Implementing Security
  • Configure management groups and subscriptions
  • Configure Policies and Initiatives
  • Privileged Identity Management
  • Azure Key vault

Implement Management Solutions

  • Migrating workloads into Azure
  • Azure Traffic Manager
  • Azure Load Balancer
  • Azure Application Gateway
  • Web Application Firewalls
  • Implement Solutions for Apps

Web Apps

  • Event Grid (AZ303)
  • Service Bus (AZ303)
  • Kubernetes & Containers
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Logic Apps

Implement and Manage Data Platforms

  • Azure Cosmos Db
  • Azure SQL

Monitoring Azure Infrastructure

  • Azure Logs
  • Alerts & Metrics
  • Application Insights
  • Log Analytics
  • Update Management

19 reviews for Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies (AZ-303) Exam Questions 2021

  1. Abhishek Ghosh

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    If you want pass your Azure AZ-303 exam, then these tests are must by Skillcertpro. These practice tests mimic the real exam and give you full explanation and give you links to resources. 5***** . Cleared my exam. 🙂

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    I just completed taking up the actual exam and I am very impressed with skillcertpro almost 40-45 question came out of 60 questions and I passed the exam with 980/1000 marks after solving the your exams. Thanks Skillcertpro!!

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    Testing your knowledge against this many questions is very helpful. I’m glad I got this course. It covers a lot of content.

    However, there is definitely room for improvement, which is why I knocked a star. I felt there were few cases where the questions and explanations could be clearer.

    I’d still recommend the course. Passed my exam.

  6. Khalid Khalifa

    Questions may seem too hard at the beginning but the great explanations help a lot to get the next ones correct. Great work has obviously been done by the team, explanations are just great. Thank you. I bought and practiced all your questions and cleared my exam.

  7. Pritesh Patel

    Your Practice sets content helped me very much for preparing the exam along with the Microsoft online documentation. Especially I liked the review answer section and grouping of the questions more which helps to revise the concepts clearly based on the modules. Thank you for this quality course !

  8. Sameer Charania

    I found these practice exams very helpful. I actually bombed on the first practice exam only getting 50% of questions correct. Which was good because it made me realise I needed to study a lot more before booking & taking the real exam. I ended up passing the AZ-303 exam on my first go scoring a 840. These practice exams were very helpful in helping me learning & build up my confidence before the real exam. Also the questions on these practice exams did seem harder than the real exam, but they will help you prepare for the real exam.

  9. Bennett Joerger

    Take this before going to the exam: you’re paying for more than just a set of practice exams. The detailed explanations are accurate and will guide your study better than any textbook or in-classroom learning. and there are frequent updates to the questions.

    I reckon, those who prefer hands-on study will still benefit from learning obscure details and gotchas that will appear in the actual exam.

    My exam was really difficult and with only 20 minutes left to spare, I still managed to clear. All thanks to this.

  10. Manish Rana

    Four practice tests consist of 650+ questions. I can see that almost all the topics are covered in these practice tests. Few questions are really tricky and require s to pay attention while tackling those questions. I have scheduled an exam date for certification and will give an exam soon.
    Update : I cleared my exam yesterday. Thank you so much skillcertpro team.

  11. Isha Tan

    Exactly the complexity level I was expecting for AZ_303 Practice exams. Questions are clearly written, no ambiguous context (as you may seen in many other practice exam series or sites). Very well documented explanations about correct vs incorrect answers. Good work!

  12. Ravinder Kaur

    I would say, this is the best set of questions which everyone should get it. I failed in first attempt since I was confident that with my study I would clear the exam but it couldn’t happen. Then I purchased this material and boom!!! I cleared with 840/1000

  13. Diego Flores

    The practice exams are great. Don’t get disappointed if you score less than the passing marks but do not forget to review each question after taking the practice exam. That helps a lot in understanding the concepts a bit more and really helps in prepping us for the actual exam. I recently passed my AWS AZ-303 exam.

  14. Vikas Murthy

    It is a value practice test well written good explanation it pointed out all important details on every single azure service that you may miss during the course thank you looking forward to passing the exam

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    These mock tests would really help anyone who wants to get the certification in less than 1-2 weeks’ time.

    Would recommend this test series to everyone.

  16. Jacqueline Ann Best

    I took the exam yesterday and I cleared it, these practice papers helped me a lot in understanding the Azure services better, specially once you are done with a practice exam, when you review all the questions there is a good explanation about each option answer of a question, Thanks for these papers… Passed

  17. John Minchuk

    This is an excellent course if you want to go for AZ-303. Best in class questions and explanations. I cleared my exam with lot of confidence after attempting all these Practice Tests.

    I 100% recommend this course !

  18. Revathi Kanduri

    Best decision I have ever made was purchasing this exam practice this has not only filled in the gaps were i was lacking it has also helped me pass my az-303 Exam….great work guys please keep up the great work. 🙂

  19. Andrae Johnson

    Managed to get my cert today despite some poor time management which put me on a tight study schedule and I’m convinced it’s primarily based on how good these PTs/explanations are.

    The questions are very similar to those on the real exam and they are tricky in the same way (they definitely taught me to read every word of every question and answer carefully). The explanations are also very well reasoned and clear.

    Can’t recommend this enough.

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