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Microsoft Azure Developer (AZ-204) Exam Questions 2024

(36 customer reviews)

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  • Contains 1600 Questions
  • Total Mock Exams: 26
  • Taken exclusively from the previous real exams.
  • Free 51 Page Master Cheat Sheet Included
  • Last updated: April 2nd 2024
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Microsoft Azure Developer (AZ-204) Exam Questions 2021

  1. We are offering 1600 (We know this is huge because this is a difficult exam. the More you practice, more chance you’ll have to clear the exam) latest real Microsoft Azure Developer (AZ-204) Exam Questions 2024 for practice, which will help you to score higher in your exam.
  2. Aim for above 85% or above in our mock exams before giving the main exam. 
  3. Do review wrong & right answers and thoroughly go through explanations provided to each question which will help you understand the question.
  4. Master Cheat Sheet was prepared by instructors which contains personal notes of them for all exam objectives. Carefully written to help you all understand the topics easily.
  5. It is recommended to use the Master Cheat Sheet just before 2-3 days of the main exam to cram the important notes.
  6. Weekly updates: We have a dedicated team updating our question bank on a regular basis, based on the feedback of students on what appeared on the actual exam, as well as through external benchmarking.

Candidates for this exam should have subject matter expertise designing, building, testing, and maintaining cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure.

Responsibilities for an Azure Developer include participating in all phases of cloud development from requirements definition and design, to development, deployment, and maintenance. performance tuning, and monitoring.

Azure Developers partner with cloud solution architects, cloud DBAs, cloud administrators, and clients to implement solutions.

A candidate for this exam should have 1-2 years professional development experience and experience with Microsoft Azure. In addition, the role should have ability programming in a language supported by Azure and proficiency in Azure SDKs, Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI, data storage options, data connections, APIs, app authentication and authorization, compute and container deployment, debugging, performance tuning, and monitoring.

It is recommended to have below knowledge when attempting Microsoft Azure Developer (AZ-204) Exam Questions

  • How to develop Azure Compute solutions
  • How to develop for Azure Storage
  • How to implement Azure security
  • How to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions
  • How to connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services

The high-level view of the skills measured in the Microsoft Azure Developer (AZ-204) Exam:

  • Develop Azure compute solutions (25-30%)
  • Develop for Azure storage (10-15%)
  • Implement Azure security (20-25%)
  • Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize Azure solutions (10-15%)
  • Connect to and consume Azure services and third-party services (15-20%)

It is recommended to complete the Microsoft learning path which is available here 

Refer Skillcertpro FAQ 


36 reviews for Microsoft Azure Developer (AZ-204) Exam Questions 2024

  1. Jill Smith

    Happy !! Happy !! Happy !!

    I PASSED AZ204 Microsoft Azure Exam in my very First Attempt on 17-Nov-2021. Majority of questions were from these practice test shared here.. I am glad i opted for this course and I gained a lot of value back in form of AZ-204 cert.

    Thank you so much !! I really appreciate all the hard work you guys have done in making this course look so simple… And i also suggest everyone to take this course and you can pass in 1st attempt … Thank You !! 🙂

  2. aakash verma

    aakash verma

    I passed my exam in first attempt. Lots of question did match with this practice set. But please study the concept also, specially Azure Service bus, Application Insights, Azure Storage Account and AKS.

  3. Micheal Varna

    just passed the exam today and this set of exams was a lifesaver in the ocean of Azure knowledge.
    you expect to see the same questions in the exam, understanding and analyzing these tests will help heaps in the real exam.
    The explanation of answers is very well written and easy to understand.

  4. Dawid Spałek

    Dawid Spałek

    Some of the questions appeared on my exam, so it’s up to date. Passed with 767/1000. Done 11/18 mock exams. Thanks a lot.
    Some questions have formatting errors and screens missing. Authors please review those mocks.

  5. Peter Ignar

    You can’t miss this if you are going for AZ-204 exam.. clear explanations of correct and incorrect answers as well which makes it stand apart… I have passed my AZ-104 exam earlier with skillcertpro tests.

    Just to add I have passed my AZ-204 exam too!! Thank you so much I really appreciate it.

  6. Cassie Laine


  7. Cassie Laine

    The author has put great effort and time to create this awesome practice exam. The layout, content, explanation, and number of questions are great. Will highly recommend for anyone preparing for the exam.

  8. Yahun Rate

    It’s a great experience taking this practice, the detailed answers help me understand more about the inter-relations between the services. Great contents!!!!

  9. Jack Harris

    Excellent prep, at least for az-204! Took the real az-204 today & passed with 910/1000. Questions were very similar, both in content & form (there were no lab questions, all multi-choice or drag & drop.)

  10. Marcos Souza

    Marcos Souza

    Excellent exam prep, I passed in the first try.The approach of this test are very helpful to better understand what and where should you improve.

  11. SS Shuaib Salie

    It’s a great course, and the explanation of wrong and right answers are just perfect. I passed with 921/1000 after going through this twice. However, I wish it had a review mode, so that you don’t have to answer all 65 questions of a set before seeing where you faltered.

  12. Hemlate Partme

    I took my exam today and passed on the first try. These 5 practice tests did help and I saw questions worded nearly word for word on the exam. Once you have used the free Microsoft courses to study I recommend these practice tests to solidify your knowledge.

  13. Jason Maddie

    you’re exams helped me in passing the exam with really good score. Really appreciate for providing with good number of questions for practice.
    There are grammatical errors in few questions. Take this as a suggestion and review them.

  14. Bharati Tervankar

    Bharati Tervankar

    Passed today ,practice test were helpful to clear the exam.

  15. Anil Patial

    the wording of these questions help prepare you for the exam, it is vital to breakdown the questions and get exactly what is being asked. The explanations also give great support to fill any gaps you may have.

  16. Nanda Kumar

    Highly recommended. You could take other courses to learn about different Azure services but this is “the one” that will give you the required push to go over the line. Great set of questions with some fabulous cheat sheets alongside.

  17. Harsha Sure

    Harsha Sure

    cleared my exam today. Really good one to prepare for exam and also improve knowledge. most of the questions were from here. Thankyou team for your hard work in providing detailed explanations on all the topics.

  18. Uchenna Agbasi

    Firstly, I cleared my exam in first attempt yesterday 🙂

    From my experience, this question bank is really helpful and gives one an excellent preparation for exams. Must have set for beginners. Few of the questions in my exam were not a part of this set, however, many of them were.. thank you.

  19. Michael Tarnortusky

    Michael Tarnortusky

    The actual Microsoft Learning modules have nothing with reality. I only passed because of these exams

  20. Nick S

    Very excellent practice exam package, passed the AZ-204 on first pass. I’d say 70% of the exam was a repeat from these mock exams, so it was very good! I had 880 after doing all the mock exams twice, and I have a good general knowledge on how to use the Azure cloud.

  21. M Vikas Naidu

    The practice tests cover the broader spectrum and helped with detailed reasoning for the answers. Definitely helpful to get a hold of the test pattern and gain confidence to appear on the real test. Passed!

  22. Yuvaraj R

    Yuvaraj R

    Hi Team,
    I passed my exam in first attempt yesterday. These practice exams helped me to gain confidence before appearing real exam. Initially, I completed Microsoft course documentation and then I practiced these exams. The explanation for each question is appreciated. Cheat sheet provided at the practice exam was helpful. Thanks!

  23. Ruslan Sorokin

    After extensive studying on my own and then going through all the test exams I was more than qualified to pass the exam. Many of the questions through Skillcertpro questions are close to what you will experience on the exam. However I do urge you to not just know the questions/answers. Especially if you plan on making a career out of cloud technologies.

  24. Bryan L

    Overall quite good. Most of the questions were well aligned to the actual test. There were some practice questions that were obvious wrong answers, typos, etc (minus one star) — but most were valuable.

  25. Deepa K Daniel

    Great exam training material. I took all the practice exams and reviewed both passed and missed questions as a way to review the material for the exam. Took the AZ-201 exam this morning and passed it on the first attempt. I highly recommend the practice test.

  26. Seshathri Krishnamoorthy

    Seshathri Krishnamoorthy

    This was very helpful. Cleared my AZ 204 exam on my first attempt. Went through the Microsoft Learning Path once and went through all these exams thrice.

  27. Amit Gupta

    I feel much more confident after practicing the test. These tests are obviously twisted well which I do recommend. The explanations are very specific and up to the point.

  28. Jane Sylvia Rajamannar

    Jane Sylvia Rajamannar

    The content is good and helpful in preparing for the exam. I had only 2 questions that were from the practice tests, in the certification exam. Hence knowledge of concepts from the AZ-204 learning path is a must to clear this exam. Was able to clear this exam .

  29. Alberto Natale

    This is the best place to evaluate Azure Developer associate knowledge, just not for beginner but also for experts. The explanation provided is SUPER DUPER and i would give an extra star for that effort. Thank you so much for the course. Passed.

  30. Santosh Kumar

    Questions are challenging and explanations for wrong answers are helpful. Passed my exam.

  31. Albertti Cairo

    I have subscribed your practice test for azure 204. the practice test has been very useful. the questions ,case-studies were useful for me and were 1 or 2 questions which i felt was repeated among the practice test series. this has helped to gain knowledge out of them. A big thank you from a learner. Passed thanks.

  32. Sathish N

    Sathish N

    Passed today with 816 marks. Your exams and cheat sheet helps to clear the exam at first attempt itself.

  33. Elson C

    Provides diverse and challenging practice exams. Explains clearly all questions and possible answers after the exam is finished. Even gives you pointers on how to view think about different topics. I highly recommend it.

  34. Vinayak raghupathy

    Vinayak raghupathy

    Want to say big thanks to Skillscertpro
    I passed AZ-204 yesterday got 910/1000, I will suggest go through the questions here, explanation is really good, some of the end test questions may need to be rechecked
    You can also use Microsoft Learn while giving the exam now.

  35. Brent DeGraaf

    Just finished the first exam (I have some work to do) and I loved the structure of the questions and possible solutions. The language and words are crisp and it is easy to understand what is being stated.

  36. Annu Priya

    Annu Priya

    Passed, 80% questions were from the mocks. I gave all the mocks twice before exam.

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