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Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104) Exam Questions 2024

(71 customer reviews)

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  • Total Mock Exams : 14
  • Taken exclusively from the previous real exams.
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  • Last updated: April 24th 2024
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Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104) Exam Questions 2024

SkillCertPro Offerings (Instructor Note) :
  • We are offering 852 latest real Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104) Exam Questions 2024 for practice, which will help you to score higher in your exam.
  • Aim for above 85% or above in our mock exams before giving the main exam. 
  • Do review wrong & right answers and thoroughly go through explanations provided to each question which will help you understand the question.
  • Master Cheat Sheet was prepared by instructors which contains personal notes of them for all exam objectives. Carefully written to help you all understand the topics easily.
  • It is recommended to use the Master Cheat Sheet just before 2-3 days of the main exam to cram the important notes.
  • Weekly updates: We have a dedicated team updating our question bank on a regular basis, based on the feedback of students on what appeared on the actual exam, as well as through external benchmarking.

Candidates for this exam should have subject matter expertise implementing, managing, and monitoring an organization’s Microsoft Azure environment.

Responsibilities for an Azure Administrator include implementing, managing, and monitoring identity, governance, storage, compute, and virtual networks in a cloud environment, plus provision, size, monitor, and adjust resources, when needed.

An Azure Administrator often serves as part of a larger team dedicated to implementing your organization’s cloud infrastructure.

A candidate for this exam should have at least six months of hands-on experience administering Azure, along with a strong understanding of core Azure services, Azure workloads, security, and governance. In addition, this role should have experience using PowerShell, Azure CLI, Azure portal, and Azure Resource Manager templates.

It is recommended to have the below knowledge when attempting Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104) Exam Questions

  • How to manage Azure identities and governance
  • How to implement and manage Azure Storage
  • How to deploy and manage Azure compute resources
  • How to configure and manage Azure virtual networking
  • How to monitor and back up Azure resources

Skills Measured for AZ-104 exam.

  • Manage Azure identities and governance (15-20%)
  • Implement and manage storage (15-20%)
  • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources (20-25%)
  • Configure and manage virtual networking (25-30%)
  • Monitor and back up Azure resources (10-15%)

Get the exam overview here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/exams/az-104

Looking for other Azure Exam questions? : Go here: https://skillcertpro.com/product-category/microsoft-azure/

71 reviews for Microsoft Azure Administrator (AZ-104) Exam Questions 2024

  1. Kennea Abrulair

    I passed the AZ-104 exam and these practice tests were so useful over the last week as prep material for the exam. I completed the practice exam faster than the actual one, but the practice exams covered almost everything that I faced in the actual exam. In depth review of answers are excellent and helpful! I’d strongly recommend these practice tests for anyone doing AZ-104


    SkillCert Pro is simply the Best. I just passed my Az-104 Exams with a score of 794. I studied the explanations after each Test and it really helped me while taking the Exams. It would be unfair not go give this review

  3. Abhinandan Reddy

    Good to go. Successfully completed the AZ-104 Exam 860/1000. Exam questions were bit tricky but simple.

    Recommendations for those who are appearing for the exam:
    1. Be familiar with the Azure platform
    2. Go through the Microsoft documents
    3. Read through the links given in the descriptions in the question review and understand the concepts thoroughly. Skillcertpro tests are best for Azure
    4. Practice the Practice tests as many as times, and understand reason behind the correct option and why the other options were wrong.

    Wish You all good Luck for the exam.

  4. Landry Yantou

    Kyubi Bee

    Thank you for all the hard work you do.
    I was able to clear the exam on my first attempt and that wouldn’t have been possible without you.
    Please keep up the great work and continue to update the exams/tests as much as you can.
    Love and appreciate ya.

  5. Dang Khoi PHAM

    Dang Khoi PHAM

    Excellent tests to prepare for Azure 104. I passed my exam in the first attempt after completing 3 practice tests.

  6. Uma Maheswari Gopalan

    Uma Maheswari Gopalan

    Passed my exam at 1st attempt. Practiced the questions provided in the practice tests. Most of the exam questions i got are from the practice tests only. Really worth the money. Thank you!

  7. Cameron W

    I recently passed the exam. This course is really good. It covers all most all of the topics that require to pass the AZ-104 Exam. I got around 60-70% from these practice tests.. But, the explanation after doing the review of the practice questions is what helps to understand the terms in detail. I retook each practice questions twice and read the terms thoroughly before sitting for the exam.

  8. JD Khan

    Testing your knowledge against this many questions is very helpful. I’m glad I got this course. It covers a lot of content.

    However, there is definitely room for improvement, which is why I knocked a star. I felt there were few cases where the questions and explanations could be clearer.

    I’d still recommend the course. Passed my exam.

  9. Punit Bansal

    Punit Bansal

    Today I passed my AZ 104, It is a great practice test to practice to prepare, Some questions were also same. Without having an experience on Azure this practice test helped a lot to know the concepts.

    Great material!!

  10. Paolo G Mendez

    Major help in passing the exam!
    At first when I was reading the questions, I felt it was a bit too much (the length of the questions). So I tried to answer a few questions at the time to try to get used to it. After a few days, I was able to complete every test provided. Once I completed and passed all tests, I knew I was more than ready to take the exam. Great material! Moving onto the AZ-204 now.
    Thank you for all your help!

  11. Shahidullah Kawsar

    Passed the exam with 905. These practice questions are very close to the actual exam, highly recommended. When I took the practice tests for the first time, my result was 60% on average. I have read all the explanations of the review section and 3 days later, took all the practice tests again. This time, I scored more than 82% on average. The main exam had 6-7 very hard/confusing questions. Doesn’t bother me much. Thanks a lot skillcertpro team.

  12. Dharshan Druv

    Thanks to Skillcertpro for providing comprehensive preparatory material with proper explaination. I wouldn’t belive being an Azure Administrator Certified without the help of this course.

  13. Sameer Charania

    I found these practice exams very helpful. I actually bombed on the first practice exam only getting 50% of questions correct. Which was good because it made me realise I needed to study a lot more before booking & taking the real exam. I ended up passing the AZ-104 exam on my first go scoring a 840. These practice exams were very helpful in helping me learning & build up my confidence before the real exam. Also the questions on these practice exams did seem harder than the real exam, but they will help you prepare for the real exam.

  14. Jabari Jones

    Jabari Jones

    There is no way I would have been able to pass this exam without these dumps. The knowledge given from this is invaluable. I would highly recommend to anyone that is not in an Azure environment use these questions to pass your exams.

  15. Mathias Dionisio

    Mathias Dionisio

    Now I know why everyone rates this 5 stars. The questions are almost exactly to the ones I had in the exam. I only completed 13 of the 17 exams and didn’t read the Master Cheat Sheet, but I managed to get a score of 946 in the real exam. 10/10 product.

  16. Anitha Kapireddy

    Excellent explanation on all answers!!

  17. Srikanth Basina

    My personal opinion about this exam course was good. I had expectation to set up my mind with an exam preparation before I sit for actual exam and this course helped me a lot there. I practiced these exams multiple time until I secure 95% on an average every time which helped me gaining enough confidence to sit the actual exam. I clearly can say this exam course is very good and it will make the candidate exam ready. Thank you!!!

  18. amir62 bag

    amir62 bag

    Just passed the exam last week. Some exam questions were exact replica. Ensure to study the explanation. The Case studies, in the exam, were actually harder than the test case studies. Nevertheless, these test questions were very very helpful and got me the passing score.



    I have passed AZ-104 exam with 904.Questions helped me very much to clear the exam along with the case studies which two of them was from here!Thank you skillcert pro! I am moving to AZ-400 now and as soon as I finish studying course I will double check my knowledge with the questions from skillcert pro.

  20. Chungkang Choi

    I love these practices test for two reasons:

    The layout of the test and the ability to retake them

    A detailed explanation of why it is correct or incorrect.

  21. Ernesto Marrero

    Ernesto Marrero

    Last week I passed my Microsoft Azure AZ-104 exam, it was really complex but this product help me a lot, the questions were very similar and the documentation help me to understand why my answers were correct or incorrect.

    I used Microsoft Learn material and especially John Savill for his wonderful and useful content!

    The rush of adrenaline for the approval was unbelievable 🥵🥵🥵🥵

    AZ-400 is the next goal! Let’s goo #RoadToDevOps #Azure #LevelUP

  22. Chandana

    Very informative provide a lot details on how to understand the key word to be able to answer the questions looking forward to passing the exam a great plus

  23. Jose Julian

    Jose Julian

    Passed my exam today, 806 Score… Highly recommend!!!

  24. David Pither-Patterson

    David Pither-Patterson

    Very accurate content (as of July 2022). Was able to score 85% on my first try after doing 10 of the practice tests over a 5 day period. This was after studying the free MS training material and related youtube videos.

    The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because many of the practice tests had poorly formatted questions (missing tabulation, numbering, ‘see previous question’, etc.) . Given the complexity of the material, this was very headache-inducing.

  25. Mariane Kiesewetter

    Cleared my AZ-104 exam certification today. These practice tests helped me a lot. The test is designed with very relevant questions and simulates the exam perfectly. Thanks.

  26. SachinJoshi

    Truly thanks to SkillCertPro Exams and their vast questionnaire I was able to clear Azure Administrator Exam and even score it.
    Great going and kudos to Team !!

  27. J Marcus Binger

    Excellent practice tests. An eye opener for me. I learnt a lot of topics going through these tests. The explanations for each option, why is it correct and why is it wrong are excellent. Never saw such detailed explanations with proper links. A must for Az-104 certification preparation.

  28. Ashwin Raju

    I learned some topics from other platform about az-104, and I decided to do some practice so I bought this mock exams. In first time, I took 47% in first mock exam. I found that I am not familiar with a lot of topics. So I think this is a good test to find where I am not familiar with.

    For those 5 mock exams, I got 47%, 67%, 66%, 70%, 70%, 75%, and 83%. Finally in the real exam, I got 933/1000. Thanks instructor! If you are preparing for AZ-104 as well, I highly recommend these mock exams for you!

  29. Zsolt Mahunka

    Zsolt Mahunka

    Passed my exam with 870 points. 70 percent of the questions were very similar or exactly the same I have seen here. Thanks. It was worth the money buying and using it.

  30. Stephen Michael Williamson

    I passed AZ-104 today! Thanks to your content.

  31. Anna Bea Götz


    I passed my test at first attemp last month.
    The questions are all relevant and helped me in learning about Azure. I also used other course materials and study resouces, but found these questions to be most helpful in preparing me for the actual exam situation.
    Now on to the next challenge!



    I would say this is best practice test i have ever seen. I cleared my exam today with 750 marks. There was some confusion related to scenario based questions where I think i have degraded marks there. But most of the questions were from this practice test. I would thanks to skillcertpro for this.


  33. Sergio Londono

    Sergio Londono

    It was great to practice for the exam, There were some questions that appear here in the practice that help me to pass at the first attempt.
    I believe it will be almost impossible to pass the exam without practice it before the exam.
    I absolutely recommend this practice exam.

  34. Sayani Dey

    Sayani Dey

    I passed the exam in my First attempt Solely by working on the practice sets provided in this course. I woud suggest to first go through the cheat sheet and then carry on with the papers.
    Thank you SkillCertPro Team for the updated questions.

  35. R R


    Thank you for these practice test. I was able to pass with a score of 850 using these. I went through the practice test several times and in case I was not sure of an answer, did remote to Azure Portal. Almost 80% of the questions in the exam came from these. Thank you once again!

  36. Adrian Akbari

    Adrian Akbari

    Great exam material. Real exam is really really similar to these questions. You just need to study these exams and you are good to go

  37. Mohsin Qureshi

    I passed this exam after learning these mock exam the most practice you do the most concept you clear.

  38. Ganesh V

    Ganesh V

    Passed Today . With going only through these mock test exams .

  39. Amit Kumar Sethi

    I passed my exam recently by following an online course AND taking all 7 of these practice exams. These practice exams are harder than the actual but an amazing way to prepare. I kept scoring around low to mid 70% on the first 2 or 3 exams, then ramped it up to high 70%. I wanted to hit 80% or better but never could (on my first try). I read all the explanations for each question, studied those and my notes, then took the real exam. I scored above 90% on the real exam so these practice exams are extremely valuable and I cannot recommend it enough! These were critical to me passing!



    I was originally working to the official ESI Practice questions, however they are extremely long winded and don’t really reflect the exam question format.

    These are EXTREMELY close to the real exam, to the point some questions were identical in wording (and even the exact way of answering)
    In terms of the explanations:
    Some answers are explained and reasoned well
    Some are also justified in the way of “Because the Azure Documentation says so”
    Some questions were a bit headache inducing due to formatting errors and made the questions hard to read.

    Most benefit is gained from taking the test, then writing down notes on incorrect answers AFTER you’ve finished it to not break your focus.
    I took about 5 Practice tests, scoring just on the passing mark of 70% and passed the exam with decent room to spare.
    Thank you so much Skillcert, I one million percent would not have been able to pass without this exam practice.

  41. Frances Garland-guay

    Frances Garland-guay

    The exam covers a lot of different topics. These practice exams did not cover all of them extensively but did give me the necessary edge to pass the exam. I recommend the online exams. Just purchased an offline one not sure how that will work out, but these review questions were extremely helpful and prepared me sufficiently for success.

  42. Hodan Abdi

    Course sets the bar high by striking good balance of all complexity of the questions which helps you remain grounded. One great thing while reviewing the answers is that it walks you through each option explaining why that option is correct or incorrect instead of simply telling that since B is right hence A, C and D are wrong. Once you complete this course, you feel more confident while going to real exam.

  43. Kelvin Chua

    Kelvin Chua

    Just completed the exam and passed with a good margin. Revised extensively with only this mock exams and reading the notes given.
    Verified that there are some questions in the mock exam are word for word in the actual exam but do prepare for some new questions.

  44. Ajay Awasthee

    Ajay Awasthee

    I found this very helpful & Passed the certification Exam Today , This is the best dump for az-104 , even most of the topics I covered due to skillcertpro , So I highly recommend this.

  45. David Stewart

    David Stewart

    Took the AZ-104 over a year ago, and passed it the first time. These tests were very useful in clearing up the kinds of tricky questions MSFT like to ask in their exams. Some were word for word.

    I took pluralsight training beforehand, read all the Microsoft learn training documentation, and have worked within Azure for a little, though more on the SaaS side the Azure AD stuff was helpful to some degree. Supplementing that with these questions gave me a solid base to earn a good pass rate.

  46. Jakub Zíka

    Jakub Zíka

    Passed on the first attempt with 85%. These tests helped a lot, especially the explanation after each question, which helped to clear some things. Would recommend.

  47. sekhar 022022

    sekhar 022022

    I passed the az-104 exam in first attempt with 82%. I practiced these tests and almost questions covered. Thanks a lot to skillcertpro.

  48. Damini Chadha

    Damini Chadha

    Thanks so much. Passed my exam today. I got 864 scores. About 80% of the questions were from here. Thanks again.

  49. Hanh Pham

    Hanh Pham

    Passed my exam today with 850. Like others have said, 80% of the questions were from here. The other 20%, if you get 85%+ in all these tests, you should be able to guess them just fine.

  50. Odin Quinto

    Odin Quinto

    To prepare for the exam, I watched a 12-hr Udemy class for AZ-104, while doing all of the labs assigned from it. I then watched John Saville’s YouTube video and lastly used these test questions. At first I was getting 40-50% on these test questions. Then I made sure to go over all the ones I got wrong by going to the provided link to Msft’s site and then fully reading everything to understand and remote into my Azure lab at the same time to poke around at whatever subject I got wrong. Once I did all 17 tests, I went back and redid my lowest 40-50% tests and scored in the low to mid 80%’s. I probably could have spent another week to get my scores up to the low 90%’s on the tests but I went ahead and took the exam last night since they were revamping the entire test on 7/28/22. I scored an 806. When the test ended for me, I wasn’t able to complete 2 of the last questions. My test had 57 questions and I only did 55 due to running out of time. Thanks SkillCertsPro.

  51. Shriram Hegde

    Shriram Hegde

    I have passed this Exam on 14th April 2023… Dumps are valid.

  52. Jawaad Chaudhary

    Jawaad Chaudhary

    Just passed my exam with 800 score. 90% of the questions were covered by skill cert pro package for AZ-104. what a great way to prepare of test. thank you.

  53. Akeel Ameen

    Akeel Ameen

    I passed my exam on March, 2023 and about 80% of the questions were from here. Cleared on the 1st attempt and thanks skillcertpro for updating/maintaining the questions. I have used this platform before for other exams but something I found very annoying in these series of questions are that some info related to the questions were presented all together without any separation so it was a bit hard to read. Few examples below:
    Name Type Resource Group Location
    skillcertlabvault2090 Recovery services vault skillcertlabs-rg East US
    skillcertlabvm1 Virtual Machine skillcertlabs-rg East US
    skillcertlabvm2 Virtual Machine skillcertlabs-rg West US
    Tier Accessible from the Internet Number of virtual machines
    Web servers Yes 5
    Business Logic No 50
    Microsoft SQL Database servers No 5

  54. Dev Sharma

    Dev Sharma

    Today, I successfully passed the AZ-104 Exam 720/1000. Most of the questions are from the preparation guide.
    Steps to clear the exam:
    1. Udemy Course
    2. MS Learn + Labs
    3. Sillcertpro Mock tests.
    Result: Pass

  55. Biswajit Pattanayak

    Biswajit Pattanayak

    I strongly recommend these tests. Makes you fully prepared and also has explanations so that you will be cleared with the concepts. I cleared in my first attempt and i am grateful to these tests.
    At this price point, these are the best in the market!!

  56. Suresh Kumar Shanmugam

    Suresh Kumar Shanmugam

    Passed the Exam in my first attempt and a huge thanks to SkillcertPro for the practice exams , most of the questions are from here for sure

  57. geetanjali S

    geetanjali S

    I used these test to practice for actual exam. I passed the certification and to my surprise 70-80% of questions came from practice questions.
    Great material with >> good amount of practice questions and explanations.

  58. Rahul Kumar Surati

    Rahul Kumar Surati

    I passed the certification and to my surprise, 70-80% of the questions came from practice questions.
    Great material with a good amount of practice questions and explanations.



    I passed the exam on July 31 2023, and my preparation was completely based on questions from Skill cert pro. Questions were in similar context and was able to judge the answers properly in the real exam.
    Really thankful to Skill cert pro team, looking forward for more certification and assistance from here.

  60. Jude Wong

    Good way to prepare for the exam. Used the free training from youtube(freecoursecamp) and these practice exams to pass. These exams are as difficult as the real exam, so if you do well here, you have nothing to worry about.

  61. Wyatt Kwan

    Passed AZ-104 certification at first attempt after going this course. The best feature of this set of exams is very detailed explanations for all questions; this really helps you to identify your blank spots. Overall, this is an exceptionally helpful material to prepare for your exam.

  62. Lukas Lukas

    Lukas Lukas

    With help of course, around 1 year of Azure experience and these sample questions I was able to pass at score of 780 points.

    Around 30-40% of questions was similar, but the more important was to understand the logic behind the questions.

  63. Monako J


    Good things:
    Around 70% of those questions you might find on the exam.
    The explanations for the answers are in most cases very good and if you study them you will learn a lot more than just reading the answers.
    Website is responsive and works well on mobile.
    Bad things:
    Around 5% answers are wrong and if you are not sure just Google it, sometimes you even have one question appearing more than once with a different answer.
    There are a LOT of repeating questions in different sets, they advertise it as 960 questions but it’s more like 600-700 questions.

    Overall though this is highly recommended for studying and probably best set of practice questions you will find online.

  64. Kandukuri Vishnuraj

    Kandukuri Vishnuraj

    Very Useful!

  65. Chetan Javiya

    Chetan Javiya

    Took this exam and cleared in 1st attempt, after going through videos and the mock tests again and again, i was able to maintain the 85% score in mock tests, then i tried real exam, and it was a piece of cake for me!!!! You guys are doing awesome work, i really appreciate.

  66. Abi Dev

    Very helpful, if anything these were harder than the actual exam so by the time I took the exam I felt quite confident and passed easily. My only complaint with these is that some of the questions are poorly worded making them difficult to answer. Anyways I Highly recommend.

  67. Janardham

    Amazing set of practice questions. I must say so far this is the best practice questions available on Internet. Great explanations. Passed the exam.

  68. Ioanna Papadopoulou

    Ioanna Papadopoulou

    I passed my exam with a score of 845. I encountered many of these questions on the actual exam. During my training, the only issue was that for some questions, there were different answers across the test sets and this is very confusing.

  69. Harikrishnan R

    Harikrishnan R

    Crushed the AZ-104 exam (first try)! The practice questions were spot-on & explanations were awesome. Highly recommend!

  70. Daniel Solis

    Daniel Solis

    I passed the AZ-104 exam with a score of 745 on february 25, 2024. The exam was tough for me. Be prepared. And for the low score it was because the case study was at the end of the exam, so when I got to it, I ran out of time and I couldn’t answer it, because I was reviewing my previous answers. Dah! Don’t make the same mistake, pay attention to the number of questions.

  71. Arun P S

    Arun P S

    Passed AZ-104 exam in the first try . The practice questions and explanations were really helpful . Highly recommend.

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