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AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty Exam Questions 2021

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Sample Test for AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty (15 Questions)


Sample Exam : AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty (15 Questions)

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You have configured a dynamic VPN between your datacenter and your VPC. But you are not able to see the routes for the connection. What could be the possible reason for this?

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Your company currently has 5 EC2 Instances that use Instance store volumes. The Instances have been placed in the stopped state for a week now. But you notice that you are still being charged for the instances. Which of the following could be a possible reason for this.

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In Cloudfront what is the Origin Protocol policy that must be chosen to ensure that the communication with the origin is done either via http or https. Choose an answer from the options below

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Your company currently has a Link Aggregation Group to AWS with two 1Gbps connections. What is the best way to increase throughput on this Link Aggregation Group?

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Which of the following is true with regards to configuration of https for cloudfront with S3 as the origin. Choose 3 answers from the options given below.

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How many tunnels are provided for a VPN connection created between AWS and an on-premise infrastructure?

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Which of the following are advantages to use multiple IP addresses on an EC2 Instance in AWS.

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Which of the following situations will cause a charge to be incurred when using an Elastic IP address

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You currently manage a set of web servers hosted on EC2 Servers with public IP addresses. These IP addresses are mapped to domain names. There was an urgent maintenance activity that had to be carried out on the servers and the servers had to be restarted. Now the web application hosted on these EC2 Instances is not accessible via the domain names configured earlier. Which of the following could be a reason for this.

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You work for a company that has around 2,000 employees. There is a decision from senior management to start using AWS Workspaces. The data for the employees is already stored in the on-premise Active Directory. How can you ensure that authentication is applied in an effective manner , ensuring that the on-premise AD is used for authentication. Choose 2 answers form the options given below

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Which of the following protocols are used for dynamically routed VPN Connections

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Your company has just set up a new document server on it's AWS VPC, and it has four very important clients that it wants to give access to. These clients also have VPCs on AWS and it is through these VPCs that they will be given accessibility to the document server. In addition, each of the clients should not have access to any of the other clients' VPCs. Choose the correct answer from the options below

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Your company needs an inexpensive solution to host their AD data in the cloud. They do not need all of the features of AD but do need to be able to use it with WorkSpaces. Which of the following is the best recommended solution

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Your company currently has a 100 Mbps line and needs to have a Direct Connect connection in place. How can the company achieve this?

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Which of the following are configuration recommendations when configuring high availability for VPN connections to AWS. Choose 2 answers from the options given below

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The AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty is intended for individuals who perform complex networking tasks.

Abilities Validated by the Certification

  • Design, develop, and deploy cloud-based solutions using AWS
  • Implement core AWS services according to basic architecture best practices
  • Design and maintain network architecture for all AWS services
  • Leverage tools to automate AWS networking tasks
  • We recommend candidates hold an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner or a current Associate-level certification: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – AssociateAWS Certified Developer – Associate or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate
  • Advanced knowledge of AWS networking concepts and technologies
  • Minimum five years hands-on experience architecting and implementing network solutions
  • Advanced networking architectures and interconnectivity options (e.g., IP VPN, MPLS/VPLS)
  • Networking technologies within the OSI model, and how they affect implementation decisions
  • Development of automation scripts and tools
  • CIDR and sub-netting (IPv4 and IPv6)
  • IPv6 transition challenges
  • Generic solutions for network security features, including WAF, IDS, IPS, DDoS protection, and Economic Denial of Service/Sustainability (EDoS)

5 reviews for AWS Certified Advanced Networking Specialty Exam Questions 2021

  1. Mallapudi Geetha

    Very helpful for practice. I cleared my AWS Advanced Networking Specialty today, used this quiz as a practice material after winding up my entire syllabus to get a gist of questions. Kudos to you guys 🙂

  2. Nishita Shahdadpuri

    Top notch practice exams! After you go through the exam take your time to review all the answers and explanations both right or wrong as it will greatly expand your knowledge!

    I found these practice exams harder than the actual real exam. but prepared me well for the exam and passed 🙂

  3. Esra Butuner

    Just cleared my Exam today. Got 33 questions, I can say 25 q was from practice tests. Great complement material before taking the exam. Thanks !!!

  4. Brahim Nathan

    Taking this test was a really good experience. The questions are framed amazingly. It seems that while designing the test difficulty levels are taken into consideration by the instructor and it is designed the way that candidates might feel he or she needs to revisit some of the fundamentals to provide the correct answers. Also, I personally like all the courses that I have undertaken by Skillcertpro. He never misses out on giving you the reality check of your knowledge. Kudos to the instructor for designing such an amazing and interesting tests !!

  5. Debasish Majumder

    Today I passed my exam. Great course really prepared me for the test.

    These sample questions are really good and documented with appropriate information and explanations. These practice exams added value to my knowledge and I would recommend others to use these sample papers as a reference.

    I completed the my training and then used these papers to check my readiness for the exam. I like the format of these practice tests and I especially like the feedback.

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