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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Questions 2021

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Sample Practice Exam (15 Questions)


AWS Cloud Practitioner Sample Exam (15 Questions)

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A user is planning to host a scalable, dynamic web application on AWS. Which service may not be required by the user to achieve automated scalability?

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Upgrading a server with a larger hard drive is an example of __________ , while adding more hard drives to a storage array is an example of __________ .

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A company is planning to develop an application consisting of hundreds of microservices. They decide to host the application on the AWS Cloud. Since there are a large number of services produced by the application, it needs a powerful tool for analysis and debugging. Which of the following services can best meet this requirement?

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When using on-demand instances in AWS, which of the following is a false statement about its cost?

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A company has a DevOps team in its organizational structure. They are looking forward to moving to the AWS Cloud. They are wondering if there is an AWS service that can help them manage infrastructure as code. Which of the following would you suggest for them?

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Which service provides DNS in the AWS cloud?

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One of the benefits of the AWS Cloud is that there are many services available to use of which you don’t need to manage their underlying infrastructure. Which of the following are examples of these services? (Choose TWO)

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Which of the following services provides object-level storage in AWS?

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A company has developed an eCommerce web application and the application needs an uptime of at least 99.5%. Which of the following deployment strategies should they use?

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A company decides to migrate its Oracle database to AWS. Which AWS service can help achieve this without negatively impacting the functionality of the source database?

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You want to run a questionnaire application for only one day (without interruption), which AWS EC2 purchase option would you choose?

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Which of the following can be used to control access to your Amazon EC2 instances?

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Which of the following is not a part of the Cloud Computing models?

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You want to monitor the CPU utilization of an EC2 resource in AWS. Which of the below services can help in this regard?

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What are the benefits of having infrastructure hosted in the AWS Cloud? (Choose two)

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The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner examination is intended for individuals who have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively demonstrate an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud, independent of specific technical roles addressed by other AWS Certifications. The exam can be taken at a testing center or from the comfort and convenience of a home or office location as an online proctored exam.

Becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is a recommended, optional step toward achieving an Associate-level or Specialty certification.

Abilities Validated by the Certification

  • Define what the AWS Cloud is and the basic global infrastructure
  • Describe basic AWS Cloud architectural principles
  • Describe the AWS Cloud value proposition
  • Describe key services on the AWS platform and their common use cases (for example, compute and analytics)
  • Describe basic security and compliance aspects of the AWS platform and the shared security model
  • Define the billing, account management, and pricing models
  • Identify sources of documentation or technical assistance (for example, whitepapers or support tickets)
  • Describe basic/core characteristics of deploying and operating in the AWS Cloud
  • We recommend candidates have at least six months of experience with the AWS Cloud in any role, including technical, managerial, sales, purchasing, or financial
  • Candidates should have a basic understanding of IT services and their uses in the AWS Cloud platform

34 reviews for AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Questions 2021

  1. Priyanka mr

    Thanks you.. practice questions helped a lot..

  2. Vikram Ayodhya

    I just took the exam yesterday and passed with 95%. Never expected such a big score.. all thanks to your practice questions

  3. Kevin sunny

    Perfect material for clearing the exam.. kudos to skillcertpro

  4. Esther mathewe

    There are some spelling errors in few questions.. but overall satisfied with the practice set.. passed my exam

  5. Sai Kumar

    The practice exams here are definitely harder than the real exam. I only got between 60-70% on these practice exams in the first attempt but they really prepared me well for the exam. Definitely recommend. Thank you.

  6. Mani JV

    Thanks skillcertpro for the excellent practice questions, this helped me exam and most importantly it helped me to tackle real exam and mentally prepare myself to sit for a long stretch of 3 hours and at the end your reference to why the answered options were wrong helped me gain more in-depth knowledge. Again thanks for this course.

  7. Sameer Qaiser

    I got 90% of the questions from this course only. I scored 880 in the first attempt itself. Thanks, Skillcertpro for this wonderful content and explanation of questions which helped me a lot in starting my Cloud career.

  8. Paul David Gelario

    Paul David Gelario

    Thank you! I just passed the exam today and you know what? Some of the questions at your practice exams appeared on the exam itself! Skillcertpro is a great investment! The practice exams are worth every penny!

  9. Dalbir Singh

    Passed the exam with 955. These practice questions are very close to the actual exam, highly recommended. When I took the practice tests for the first time, my result was 60% on average. I have read all the explanations of the review section and 3 days later, took all the practice tests again. This time, I scored more than 82% on average. The main exam had 6-7 very hard/confusing questions. Doesn’t bother me much. Thanks a lot skillcertpro team.

  10. Ritesh Goswami

    With the help of this practice tests I have passed the exam with high score. I didn’t got enough time to study so these test were my only preparation. Practiced all tests twice and got all common question in the exam. Highly recommended.

  11. Philip Odei

    Philip Odei

    These practice exam materials and detailed explanations of answers was helpful in passing the exams. Thank you

  12. swati patnam

    swati patnam

    Do we have access to the practice exams multiple times?

  13. Vinodhini Mohan

    Vinodhini Mohan

    Just went through the practice test and really helped me a lot. Most questions i got in main exam was covered in practice test.Cleared on my first attempt.

  14. Vinayak Kadam

    I passed Cloud Practitioner exam with 940 score yesterday.

    It took only 30 minutes to finish the exam.

    This Cloud Practitioner course is definitely useful and I couldn’t get such a high score without this course.

    Thank you very very much for this course and Skillcertpro Team.

  15. Abdul Raheen

    Passed my exam today. Great set of questions and answers with explanations which tests your knowledge thoroughly. This helped me in identifying the gaps in my knowledge. I strongly recommend.

  16. Ranjana Upadhyay

    Ranjana Upadhyay

    I cleared my AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam on 24th August with a score of 934/1000.I was studying the exam course through AWS White papers which to be honest was taking away my interest for this exam.I was recommended by my friend to try this course.So I bought this course and gave multiple times each test till I got a score of 98-100%.

    This course is seriously worth each penny I spent.Most of the questions came from this course. Also, just a tip make sure you read the incorrect answers as well with the explanation. Also keep practicing till you get 98-100% score. This course will definitely help you in clearing this certification.

    Highly recommended!!!

  17. Najm A

    To keep it brief, these practice exams was super close to the actual exam and helped me tremendously in assessing my knowledge and prepping for the test. Highly recommend! Passed.

  18. Nishith Shah

    Nishith Shah

    Totally worth it. Lot of questions were identical and others were very similar.
    Will definitely buy again for next certification.

  19. Venu Gopal

    Venu Gopal

    I cleared AWS-CCP on 26-09-2020 with the score of 921/1000

    Really practice questions helped a lot, Thank you Team

  20. Dimitar

    Great set of questions with detailed explanations. Passed the exam with 905.

  21. Krishnan vv

    Krishnan vv

    “Excellent” is one word to summarize. I cleared MS Azure Fundamentals and AWS Cloud Practitioner certifications in a month!
    Even though most of the questions were not the same, atleast in AWS Cloud Practitioner, Thanks to SkillCertPro, It gave me lot of confidence going into the exam!
    Kudos to SkillCertPro & Team.

  22. Vineela Seela


    I took the AWS Cloud Practitioner exam on 6th of Oct and passed.I got the score on 7th.Passed with 830 score. These practice tests defintely helped in my actual exam. I did not have much time to repeat the tests.I took 3 weeks for complete preparation including practice tests.I recommend that any one taking these practice tests repeats for couple of times. The explanations are very helpful.Thanks to SKillcertpro. I will definitely buy for my next aws certification.

  23. Ujjwalendu Patro

    All the questions came from the practice papers uploaded by Skillcertpro. I cleared the test by securing 980. Thanks a lot Skillcertpro!!!!

  24. Ajit Jha

    The questions covered almost every topic in Cloud practitioner. The explanation after every sample test helped me a lot to clear and score good marks in my exam. Thanks SkillCertPro. Looking forward to another help on certification from you.

  25. Ikram KAROUCHE

    Ikram KAROUCHE

    It helped me a lot …. perfect !

  26. Aung Moe Hein

    passed my exam. This is very helpful with thanks

  27. Sailesh Burugula

    Sailesh Burugula

    Thank You Skill Cert Pro for the excellent practice questions, this helped me exam, I finished the real exam in 33 mins and aced it! Next step Solution Architect Exam preparation, already bought it and practicing. Cheers Sailesh

  28. Yogesh More

    After going through AWS web training sessions, I purchased these exams and only scored 72% on the first and second attempts. With time, I got a lot better and passed the real certification exam with a score of 96.5%. This was exactly what I needed to pass my exam! Be sure to read through all answer explanations thoroughly (even the wrong answers).

  29. Venkatesh Peddada

    Was directed to these exams by my colleague the 3 day before my exam. I immediately purchased and started taking the exams, and can honestly say I would not have passed the exam without doing so.

    The questions were straightforward and seemed very updated to what I saw on the exam (06nov20). Well worth it! Thank you.

  30. Garald Gan

    Garald Gan

    Passed the exam last week with a score of 95%! The questions here are slightly harder than the actual exam but it is good preparation for the exam. Love the detailed explanation after each question.


  31. Sushant Srivastava

    Sushant Srivastava

    I purchased aws certified cloud practitioner from skillcertpo on 29.10.2020
    Studied all practise sets, tips and tricks thoroughly for 2 months and passed exam on 02.01.2021 with 93%
    Exam will be comfortable only if you study thoroughly.
    Thanks skillcertpo for helping me pass. Pls also add ‘sap analytics for cloud certification’

  32. Simran Arora

    Simran Arora

    It really helped me passsed the exam with 93%.
    Just practice a lot and surely you will clear the exam.

    Cheers to the team to prepare such brilliant set of question!!!

  33. Jeff Williams

    I purchased this 2 days of my exam (scheduled for 2pm). I studied the material, but have a tendency to panic during exams. This was really great material to use going in prior to the exam. I went in with confidence and passed with flying colors! Thanks!

  34. Chandler Brunnabend

    I purchased a day before my exam (scheduled for 2pm next day). I studied the material, but have a tendency to panic during exams. This was really great material to use going in prior to the exam. I went in with confidence and passed! Thanks!

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