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AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam Questions 2021

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Sample Exam AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional (15 Questions)


Sample Exam : AWS Certified Devops Engineer Professional (15 Questions)

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You have been asked to de-risk deployments at your company. Specifically, the CEO is concerned about outages that occur because of accidental inconsistencies between Staging and Production, which sometimes cause unexpected behaviors in Production even when Staging tests pass. You already use Docker to get high consistency between Staging and Production for the application environment on your EC2 instances. How do you further de-risk the rest of the execution environment, since in AWS, there are many service components you may use beyond EC2 virtual machines?

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You are using a configuration management system to manage your Amazon EC2 instances. On your Amazon EC2 Instances, you want to store credentials for connecting to an Amazon RDS DB instance. How should you securely store these credentials?

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You need to implement Blue/Green Deployment for several multi-tier web applications. Each of them has Its Individual infrastructure:
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) front-end servers, Amazon ElastiCache clusters, Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) queues, and Amazon Relational Database (RDS) Instances.
Which combination of services would give you the ability to control traffic between different deployed versions of your application?

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You are using Elastic Beanstalk to manage your application. You have a SQL script that needs to only be executed once per deployment no matter how many EC2 instances you have running. How can you do this?

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You have been tasked with deploying a scalable distributed system using AWS OpsWorks. Your distributed system is required to scale on demand. As it is distributed, each node must hold a configuration file that includes the hostnames of the other instances within the layer. How should you configure AWS OpsWorks to manage scaling this application dynamically?

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You have a web application that’s developed in Node.js The code is hosted in Git repository. You want to now deploy this application to AWS. Which of the below 2 options can fulfil this requirement.

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Your development team wants account-level access to production instances in order to do live debugging of a highly secure environment. Which of the following should you do?

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As part of your continuous deployment process, your application undergoes an I/O load performance test before it is deployed to production using new AMIs. The application uses one Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) PIOPS volume per instance and requires consistent I/O performance. Which of the following must be carried out to ensure that I/O load performance tests yield the correct results in a repeatable manner?

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You have a multi-docker environment that you want to deploy to AWS. Which of the following configuration files can be used to deploy a set of Docker containers as an Elastic Beanstalk application?

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If your application performs operations or workflows that take a long time to complete, what service can the Elastic Beanstalk environment do for you?

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You are administering a continuous integration application that polls version control for changes and then launches new Amazon EC2 instances for a full suite of build tests. What should you do to ensure the lowest overall cost while being able to run as many tests in parallel as possible?

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You are a DevOps engineer for a company. You have been requested to create a rolling deployment solution that is cost-effective with minimal downtime. How should you achieve this? Choose two answers from the options below

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You have an Auto Sealing group of Instances that processes messages from an Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) queue. The group scales on the size of the queue. Processing Involves calling a third-party web service. The web service is complaining about the number of failed and repeated calls it is receiving from you. You have noticed that when the group scales in, instances are being terminated while they are processing. What cost-effective solution can you use to reduce the number of incomplete process attempts?

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You have a code repository that uses Amazon S3 as a data store. During a recent audit of your security controls, some concerns were raised about maintaining the integrity of the data in the Amazon S3 bucket. Another concern was raised around securely deploying code from Amazon S3 to applications running on Amazon EC2 in a virtual private cloud. What are some measures that you can implement to mitigate these concerns? Choose two answers from the options given below.

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You currently have the following setup in AWS
1) An Elastic Load Balancer
2) Autoscaling Group which launches EC Instances
3) AMIs with your code pre-installed
You want to deploy the updates to your app to only a certain number of users. You want to have a cost-effective solution. You should also be able to revert back quickly. Which of the below solutions is the most feasible one?

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The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional exam is intended for individuals who perform a DevOps engineer role with two or more years of experience provisioning, operating, and managing AWS environments.

Abilities Validated by the Certification

  • Implement and manage continuous delivery systems and methodologies on AWS
  • Implement and automate security controls, governance processes, and compliance validation
  • Define and deploy monitoring, metrics, and logging systems on AWS
  • Implement systems that are highly available, scalable, and self-healing on the AWS platform
  • Design, manage, and maintain tools to automate operational processes
  • Experience developing code in at least one high-level programming language
  • Experience building highly automated infrastructures
  • Experience administering operating systems
  • Understanding of modern development and operations processes and methodologies

12 reviews for AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam Questions 2021

  1. Lorivic Cua

    I passed this with 923/1000, I earned all associate, and pro, with skillcertpro practice exams. Thanks a lot to the entire team

  2. Alex Rosenzweig

    These practice tests are great, definitely helping me identify areas for improvement prior to taking the plunge on the exam. Update, passed the exam on the first try! Thank you for all the help!

  3. Renato G.

    The questions are realistic, the explanations are in depth (explaining why an answer is incorrect as well why it is correct) and unlike some other courses on internet, it’s obvious that Skillcertpro has put the effort in to ensure that this course, and all his courses are equated with “Top Quality”.

    Passed the aws Devops Engineer professional with almost 90% and an hour to spare, and I thank this course for giving me the final pieces in the mental map mosaic assemblage I needed

  4. Arnab Talukdar

    Excellent material for practice, 80% percent of the questions were covered in these 6 practice tests. I scored 907 in my first attempt. If you score 90% in these courses, then you can confidently go for AWS Devops Pro. It will be cake walk. Thanks Skillcertpro for the excellent material.

  5. Ankith Raj

    I passed the DevOps Engineer Professional due to this course. Amazing explanations for the correct as well as incorrect answers. Must for preparation. Passed!

  6. Shirish Julapalli

    Just now passed the AWS DevOps Engineer Professional exam.

    These practice tests are very helpful. Read thru each option[right and well as wrong answers] after taking the practice test. I was able to cover 95% of services which appeared on AWS Exam by doing that.

  7. Mosaab Zineddine

    Amazing set of practice questions. Gives a simulation of what the real exam would look like. I am amazed to see it has been thoroughly documented and supported with evidence and links

  8. Dhanapal Angamuthu

    Awesome! It helped me a lot to clear my concepts. The explanation for every answers are very nicely described. I got certified and this practice exams have played very important role in achieving this certificate. Thanks a lot!

  9. Ravi Kishore

    Huge thanks to Skillcertpro. This practice exams was a good dress rehearsal for the AWS Devops exam and I passed it.

    Tips to others – just keep on giving these tests as long as you are comfortable and getting around 85%

  10. Huayu Wu

    These exams are the primary reason I passed the Devopsengineer exam comfortably. The course I took in preparation for the exam was a good start, but these were simply invaluable, and worth every penny.

    During the exam, I could literally see how your well-explained answers could apply to the question I was working on, that’s how well-written and close to the real thing these are! For anyone planning on taking the Devopsengineer exam, these are simply a must-have. Thank you so much!

  11. Rajendra H R

    I successfully completed my certification on April 3th, 2021.

    Even after having solid 5 years of experience in AWS, I felt I could have not completed this without the help of these practice tests. This certainly helped me understand the question format, keywords to look out for and finally, very important time management. I have to say, the exam itself is tougher than the questions available here but if you really understand the concepts, you should be able to clear the exam.

  12. Mark Westwood

    This is an absolute must for anyone wanting to pass the Pro certification. I couldn’t find anything that compared. As a learning tool these practice exams drive your focus on the important details and areas of weakness you will need to work on.

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