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Confluent Developer for Apache Kafka (CCDAK) Exam Questions 2023

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Confluent Developer for Apache Kafka (CCDAK) Exam Questions 2023

Overview of Confluent Developer for Apache Kafka (CCDAK) Exam Questions :

This tests are designed to cover the topics and concepts that you will need to know in order to earn your Confluent Certified Developer for Apache Kafka (CCDAK) certification.

CCDAK covers Confluent and Apache Kafka with a particular focus on knowledge of the platform needed in order to develop applications that work with Kafka. This includes general knowledge of Kafka features and architecture, designing, monitoring, and troubleshooting in the context of Kafka, and development of custom applications that use Kafka’s APIs. This course is intended to guide you through the primary topics and supporting material that you will need to be familiar with in order to succeed in earning your CCDAK certification.

It is recommended to have below knowledge when attempting CCDAK exam questions:
  • Kafka Architecture
  • Kafka Configurations
  • Kafka CLI Commands
  • Kafka APIs
  • Kafka Operations
  • Kafka Security
  • Kafka Connect
  • Kafka Streams
  • Confluent KSQL
  • Confluent Schema Registry
  • Confluent REST Proxy

The exam is broken into three main ‘knowledge domains’ (defined on Confluent’s website ) which comprehensively cover Kafka’s core concepts and the documentation.

Application Design – 40% of the exam

  • Kafka’s command-line tools
  • Pub/Sub and streaming concepts
  • Kafka architecture and design decisions
  • Kafka APIs, configuration and metrics
  • Message structure, key selection (choices and factors) and metadata
  • System metrics
  • Schema management

Domain Development – 30% of the exam

  • Kafka Clients: Producer and Consumer key concepts and functions
  • Troubleshooting/debugging
  • Performance, throughput, latency, scaling considerations
  • Message ordering and delivery guarantees
  • Serialisation/deserialisation
  • Producer partition selection
  • Consumer offset management
  • Consumer groups, partition assignments, partition rebalances
  • Data retention strategies and implications
  • Topic co-partitioning

Deployment/Testing – 30% of the exam

  • Application deployment choices
  • Security
  • Kafka Streams features and use cases
  • KSQL features and use cases
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2 reviews for Confluent Developer for Apache Kafka (CCDAK) Exam Questions 2023

  1. Liam Oliver

    Good Coverage of scenarios. Passed the exam. All practice tests are must to complete. Covers most of the exam aspects if self study is already done. Very helpful and recommended

  2. Elijah Emella

    Well structured content, Thank you!.
    I have passed my exam today . Almost 85% questions comes from this practice test. More than enough to pass the exam. I would recommend gothrough other sources like YouTube, & official training to score more mark and also understand things in depth.

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