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Microsoft SC-300 Exam Questions 2024

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Microsoft SC-300 Exam Questions 2024 (Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator)

  • We are offering 550 latest real Microsoft SC-300 Exam Questions for practice, which will help you to score higher in your exam.
  • Aim for above 85% or above in our mock exams before giving the main exam. 
  • Do review wrong & right answers and thoroughly go through explanations provided to each question which will help you understand the question.
  • Weekly updates: We have a dedicated team updating our question bank on a regular basis, based on the feedback of students on what appeared on the actual exam, as well as through external benchmarking.
  • Master Cheat Sheet was prepared by instructors which contain personal notes of them for all exam objectives. Carefully written to help you all understand the topics easily.
  • It is recommended to use the Master Cheat Sheet just before 2-3 days of the main exam to cram the important notes.

The Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator designs, implements, and operates an organization’s identity and access management systems by using Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). They manage tasks such as providing secure authentication and authorization access to enterprise applications. The administrator provides seamless experiences and self-service management capabilities for all users. Adaptive access and governance are core elements to the role. This role is also responsible for troubleshooting, monitoring, and reporting for the identity and access environment.

The Identity and Access Administrator may be a single individual or a member of a larger team. This role collaborates with many other roles in the organization to drive strategic identity projects to modernize identity solutions, to implement hybrid identity solutions, and to implement identity governance.

It is recommended to have below knowledge when attempting the Microsoft SC-300 Exam Questions

Domain 1:Implement an identity management solution:

This domain explains you how to set up and maintain your first Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) installation, as well as how to setup the users, groups, and external identities you’ll need to run your solution. It also covers the following concepts:

  • Implement initial configuration of Azure Active Directory: Learn how to set up an initial Azure Active Directory setup to ensure that all of Azure’s identity solutions are ready to use. This module looks at how to set up an Azure Active Directory structure.
  • Create, configure, and manage identities: Access to cloud-based workloads must be managed centrally, with each user and resource having a unique identity. You should ensure that employees and vendors have only the right amount of access to complete their tasks.
  • Implement and manage external identities: External users being able to access business Azure tools is a huge advantage, but it must be achieved safely. Learn how to make secure external collaboration possible.
  • Implement and manage hybrid identity: It can be difficult to create a hybrid identity solution that uses the on-premises active directory. Learn how to set up a secure hybrid model.

Domain 2: Implement an authentication and access management solution

This domain familiarizes you with how to use Azure AD to implement and administer the access control solution, which includes MFA, conditional access, and identity security. This study guide is based on the SC-300 test. This domain also covers:

  • Secure Azure Active Directory users with Multi-Factor Authentication: In this part you will learn how to use multi-factor authentication with Azure AD and how to harden your user accounts.
  • Manage user authentication: In Azure AD, there are a number of authentication options. Learn how to implement and manage effective user authentications depending on business requirements.
  • Plan, implement and administer conditional access: This will explain to you about how conditional access allows for fine-grained control over which users can perform particular tasks, which services they can access, and how to keep data and applications secure.
  • Manage Azure AD Identity Protection: This subdomain suggests to you how a safe cloud solution can protect a user’s privacy by tracking their use and sign-in patterns. Learn how to build and implement Azure Active Directory Identity Protection.

Domain 3: Implement Access Management for Apps

This domain examines how Azure AD device registration can and should be used to connect applications to the identification and access solution. The subdomain of this domain are:

  • Plan and design the integration of enterprise apps for SSO: In this portion you will learn how enterprise app implementation allows you to control the users that have access to the applications, log in with a single sign-on, and gives integrated usage reports.
  • Implement and monitor the integration of enterprise apps for SSO: Protection can be ensured by deploying and monitoring enterprise applications on Azure solutions. Learn how to make on-premises and cloud-based applications available to users.
  • Implement app registrations: For a secure Azure solution, lines of business built in-house must be registered in Azure AD and assigned to users.  Explore how to implement app registration.

Domain 4: Plan and implement an Identity Governance Strategy

In this domain you will learn how to use entitlement, permission reviews, privileged access, and Azure Active Directory monitoring, design and apply identity governance for your identity solution (Azure AD). This study guide is based on the SC-300 test. It also includes:

  • Plan and implement entitlement management: When new users or external users visit your site, it’s critical to quickly grant them access to Azure solutions. Study how to grant users access to your website and services.
  • Plan, implement and manage access reviews: For a secure solution, proper governance using access reviews is needed once identity has been implemented. Learn how to prepare for and implement access reviews.
  • Plan and implement privileged access: To improve the security of your Azure solution, you must ensure that administrative roles are secured and managed. Learn how to protect your data and resources with PIM.
  • Monitor and maintain Azure Active Directory: The audit and diagnostic logs for Azure AD offer a detailed view at how users interact with the Azure solution. Learn how to monitor, troubleshoot, and analyse log-in data.

Skills measured

  • Implement an identity management solution (25-30%)
  • Implement an authentication and access management solution (25-30%)
  • Implement access management for apps (10-15%)
  • Plan and implement an identity governance strategy (25-30%)

Exam Format

Microsoft Identity and Access Administrator (SC-300) exam consists of 40-60 questions. To complete the exam, candidates will get 180 minutes. The types of questions that candidates can face in the exam include scenario-based single answer questions, multiple-choice questions, arrange in the correct sequence type questions, drag & drop questions, mark review, drag, and drop, etc. However, to pass the exam, a candidate has to score a minimum of 700 or more. To apply for the exam, the examination fee is $165 USD including taxes. And, candidates can give the exam in English and the Japanese language.

Part of the requirements for: Microsoft Certified: Identity and Access Administrator Associate

Refer SkillCertPro FAQ if you have any doubts : https://skillcertpro.com/faq/


7 reviews for Microsoft SC-300 Exam Questions 2024

  1. Stan Poe

    Passed today. These questions are a great approximation of the exam. Read the answers, esp where you missed or guessed. Glad I found this practice test pack.

  2. Khashar Sinai

    Excellent explanations and realistic practice exams. This was a life saver and I would recommend it to anyone taking the SC-300 certification exam.

  3. Cornelius Harrison

    Greate practice test set. All of them put me so hard where I need to understand clearly the service concepts, their use-cases. They also help me to deal with exam time management as well as the reading, capturing context capabilities. Passed.

  4. Tasmeekh Mohamad

    Did these exams after doing the official training, really exposed the areas the official training was lacking and fine-tuned my understanding of some of the areas with more nuance. Many questions are very similar to questions on the actual exam. Would heavily recommend, especially if you can get it on! $20?? Incredible deal.

  5. Trista Hoyles

    I always like Skillcertpro due to detailed explanations and extra information to build concepts. I completed AZ-104 (Admin) and SC-300 using skillcertpro.

  6. Prabhu Dayal

    I cleared my SC-300 exam. Well formulated questions bank. And these tests were very useful before the main exam. many questions were the same as the actual exam. impressed with explanations.

  7. Stenio Oliveira

    Stenio Oliveira

    Passed last Wednesday with the help of this practice bank. Extremely useful and highly recommend. Only about 5 new questions on the real exam, but even so they weren’t that hard.

    Keep up the good work. My next target is MS-500.

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