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Oracle Database 12c Administration (1Z0-062) Exam Questions

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Oracle Database 12c Administration (1Z0-062) Exam Questions & Dumps

Overview :

Oracle Database technology is used by the world’s leading companies to manage critical business functions, systems and processes.

  • Oracle Database is the number one database in the world.
  • Over 305,000 top companies trust their critical systems to Oracle Database.
  • Oracle Database is the number one embedded database technology.

In fact, 97% of Global Fortune 500 companies use Oracle software. Well-trained, highly-skilled database professionals who can manage critical systems are in high demand.

The process of becoming Oracle Database certified broadens your knowledge and skills by exposing you to a wide array of important database features, functions and tasks. Oracle Database certification teaches you how to perform complex, hands-on activities through labs, study and practice.

Additionally, Oracle certification exams validate your capabilities using real-world, scenario-based questions that assess and challenge your ability to think and perform.

With the 12c release, Oracle Database is re-engineered for Cloud computing. Multitenant architecture brings enterprises unprecedented hardware and software efficiencies, performance and manageability benefits, and fast and efficient Cloud provisioning. Oracle Database 12c certifications emphasize the full set of skills that DBAs need in today’s competitive marketplace.

  • The Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) for Oracle Database 12c assesses fundamental concepts and skills DBAs need for daily operational management and maintenance.
  • Building upon the competencies in the Oracle Database 12c OCA certification, the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) for Oracle Database 12c includes the advanced knowledge and skills required of top-performing database administrators, including development and deployment of backup, recovery and Cloud computing strategies.
  • The Oracle Certified Master (OCM) for Oracle Database 12c – a very challenging and elite top-level certification – certifies the most highly skilled and experienced database experts.
  • Format: Multiple Choice.
  • Duration: 120 minutes
  • Exam Price: 150$
  • Number of Questions: 67
  • Passing Score: 64%
  • Validation: This exam has been validated against Oracle Database

Exam Objectives

  • List the architectural components of Oracle Database
  • Explain the memory structures
  • Describe the background processes

Oracle Database Instance

  • Understand initialization parameter files
  • Start up and shut down an Oracle database instance
  • View the alert log and access dynamic performance views

Administering User Security

  • Create and manage database user accounts
  • Grant and revoke privileges
  • Create and manage roles
  • Create and manage profiles

Create and manage tablespaces

  • Explain how Oracle database server automatically manages space
  • Save space by using compression
  • Use the Segment Advisor
  • Reclaim wasted space from tables and indexes by using the segment shrink functionality

Managing Data Concurrency

  • Describe the locking mechanism and how Oracle manages data concurrency
  • Monitor and resolve locking conflicts

Backup and Recovery Concepts

  • Identify the importance of checkpoints, redo log files, and archive log files

Performing Database Backups

  • Create consistent database backups
  • Back up your database without shutting it down
  • Create incremental backups
  • Automate database backups
  • Manage backups

Moving Data

  • Describe ways to move data
  • Use SQL*Loader to load data from a non-Oracle database
  • Use external tables to move data via platform-independent files
  • Explain the general architecture of Oracle Data Pump
  • Use Data Pump Export and Import to move data between Oracle databases

Managing Performance: SQL Tuning

  • Use the SQL Tuning advisor

Creating an Oracle Database Using DBCA 

  • Generate database creation scripts by using DBCA
  • Manage database design templates by using DBCA

Introduction to DBAAS

  • Recognize the difference between a DBaaS Instance and a Database Instance
  • Navigate with My Services Dashboard
  • User authentication and roles
  • Generate a Secure Shell (SSH) Public/Private Key Pair

Oracle Database Management Tools

  • Use database management tools

Configuring the Oracle Network Environment

  • Configure Oracle Net Services
  • Use tools for configuring and managing the Oracle network
  • Configure client-side network
  • Configure communication between databases

Managing Database Storage Structures

  • Describe the storage of table row data in blocks
  • Create and manage tablespaces

Managing Undo Data

  • Explain DML and undo data generation
  • Monitor and administer undo data
  • Describe the difference between undo data and redo data
  • Configure undo retention

Implementing Oracle Database Auditing

  • Enable standard database auditing and unified auditing

Backup and Recovery Configuration

  • Configure the fast recovery area
  • Configure ARCHIVELOG mode

Performing Database Recovery

  • Determine the need for performing recovery
  • Use Recovery Manager (RMAN) and the Data Recovery Advisor to perform recovery of the control file, redo log file and data file

Performing Database Maintenance

  • Use server-generated alerts

Automating Tasks by Using Oracle Scheduler

  • Use Oracle Scheduler to simplify management tasks
  • Use job chains to perform a series of related tasks
  • Use Scheduler jobs on remote systems
  • Use advanced Scheduler features to prioritize jobs

Upgrading Oracle Database Software  

  • Describe data migration methods
  • Describe the upgrade process

We recommend you

Practice all the tests multiple times and make sure you score above 85% in each of them

Go through each of the reference links and detailed explanation to make sure you understand the concepts for both the right and wrong answer.

Finally, as always we strive to make the content as unique and accurate as possible, but with the fast pace changes in the Cloud space, some of the concepts and. documentation is bound to be stale. We appreciate your constant feedback to help improve us further.

Our Instructors keep an eye on changes and will update the questions frequently

  • Passing Oracle Database 12c Administration certification exam renders you more valuable to an employer, it takes you closer to your goal to achieve the best salary and a new job opportunity for your career.

9 reviews for Oracle Database 12c Administration (1Z0-062) Exam Questions

  1. Dhaval Bhalala

    I tried this certification once earlier and missed by few points… Then I went through these practice questions and today I cleared the exam with good marks. Surprisingly the questions I got in the exam are completely out of these 6 practice sets. I would strongly suggest everyone to definitely practice these test irrespective of what other study materials you are reading. This will help you to clear the exam for sure.

  2. Baker


  3. Wong Choon Sern

    I’ve used it as a final step of preparation to the exam and it was really great.

    It helped me understand what questions to expect and get used to the wording.

    As well as identify the topics that I missed.

    btw, the exam passed successfully )
    Questions here were soo close to actual exam. Thank you.

  4. Marta Sabbatini

    I found the questions to be structured similar to the ones experienced in the exam. I used online free material followed by skillcertpro practice exam to pass first time. Will definitely be using skillcertpro practice exams for all my future exams

  5. Abhi G

    Great practice tests !!

    Successfully cleared an exam in first attempt. It matches to the complexity and language of actual exam questions and gives you deep understanding of concepts and confidence to clear an exam.

    Thank you !!!!

  6. Shyam Roy

    I went through Oracle online course content for Database 12c Administration exam and then took these practice exams and easily passed the exam my first try. These practice exams are very well written and have very good explanations for why each answer is correct/not correct. Excellent!

  7. Praveen Dandu

    Really good and thought provoking questions and their explanations. This is must to do along with any Oracle Database 12c Administration (1Z0-062) course. We could apply the learnings really well by doing and analyzing these practice questions. The learnings acquired through these practice tests is really handy in the actual certification test. By doing these practice tests rigorously, I could clear the certification on the very first attempt.

    Thanks skillcertpro for creating this wonderful content. Really appreciate your efforts

  8. Mathew Mower

    I found this test series quite interesting, the answers are precise and knowledgeable. Not only to clear the certification exam, It helped a lot to clear up some major doubts I had in head. You will enjoy this series for sure.

  9. Diego Flores

    The practice exams are great. Don’t get disappointed if you score less than the passing marks but do not forget to review each question after taking the practice exam. That helps a lot in understanding the concepts a bit more and really helps in prepping us for the actual exam. I recently passed my 1Z0-062 exam

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