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Java Foundations (1Z0-811) Exam Questions 2024

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Java Foundations (1Z0-811) Exam Questions 2024

Overview of Java Foundations (1Z0-811) Exam Questions :

Qualifying the Java Foundations (1Z0-811) exam leads the candidates to earn the Java Foundations Certified Junior Associate credentials. The whole process provides the candidate with the fundamentals of Java programming, enabling them to showcase both their conceptual understanding and abilities. This certification validates the candidate’s capabilities to a future employer, bestowing their potential to become an increasingly valuable asset to any organization as they progress into OCA level during your early stage of employment, and later to OCP.

This Junior Associate certification is centred on candidates in secondary schools or candidates with two-year colleges and four-year colleges. Not to mention, the universities who have engaged in the Oracle Academy program and/or are studying computer science including relevant Java curricula and faculty members who teach foundational Java and computer science, classes.

  • Format:: Multiple Choice
  • Duration: 150
  • Exam Price: $100
  • Number of Questions: 70
  • Passing Score: 65%
  • Validation:
  • Validation: This exam has been validated for version JDK 1.8.

Reviewing the exam topics beforehand is always a good option for candidates to begin with. Therefore, make sure to go with the official exam topic guide provided by Oracle. For your convenience, here is the list of all the exam topics with each and every domain and modules

Exam Topic 1: What Is Java?
  • Describing the features of Java
  • Describing the real-world applications of Java
Exam Topic 2: Basic Java Elements
  • Identifying the conventions to be followed in a Java program
  • Using Java reserved words
  • Using single-line and multi-line comments in Java programs
  • Importing other Java packages to make them accessible in your code
  • Describing the java.lang package
Exam Topic 3: Working with Java Operator
  • Using basic arithmetic operators to manipulate data including +, -, *, /, and %
  • Using the increment and decrement operators
  • Using relational operators including ==, !=, >, >=, <, and <=
  • Using arithmetic assignment operators
  • Using conditional operators including &&, ||, and?
  • Describing the operator precedence and use of parenthesis
Exam Topic 4: Working with the Random and Math Classes
  • Using the Random class
  • Using the Math class
Exam Topic 5: Using Looping Statements
  • Describing looping statements
  • Using a for a loop including an enhanced for loop
  • Using a while loop
  • Using a do-while loop
  • Comparing and contrast the for, while, and do-while loops
  • Developing code that uses break and continues statements
Exam Topic 6: Arrays and ArrayLists 
  • Using a one-dimensional array
  • Creating and manipulating an ArrayList
  • Traversing the elements of an ArrayList by using iterators and loops including the enhanced for loop
  • Comparing an array and an ArrayList
Exam Topic 7: Java Methods
  • Describing and create a method
  • Creating and using accessor and mutator methods
  • Creating overloaded methods
  • Describing a static method and demonstrate its use within a program
Exam Topic 8: Java Basics
  • Describing the Java Development Kit (JDK) and the Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
  • Describing the components of object-oriented programming
  • Describing the components of a basic Java program
  • Compiling and executing a Java program
Exam Topic 9: Working with Java Data Types
  • Declaring and initializing variables including a  variable using final
  • Casting a value from one data type to another including automatic and manual promotion
  • Declaring and initializing a string variable
Exam Topic 10: Working with the String Class
  • Developing code that uses methods from the String class
  • Formatting Strings using escape sequences including %d, %n, and %s
Exam Topic 11: Using Decision Statements
  • Using the decision-making statement  (if-then and if-then-else)
  • Using the switch statement
  • Comparing how == differs between primitives and objects
  • Comparing two String objects by using the compareTo and equals methods
Exam Topic 12: Debugging and Exception Handling
  • Identifying syntax and logic errors
  • Using exception handling
  • Handling common exceptions thrown
  • Using and trying and catch blocks
 Exam Topic 13: Classes and Constructors
  • Creating a new class including the main method
  • Using the private modifier
  • Describing the relationship between an object and its members
  • Describing the difference between a class variable, an instance variable, and a local variable
  • Developing code that creates an object’s default constructor and modifies the object’s fields
  • Using constructors with and without parameters
  • Developing code that overloads constructors

Practice all the tests multiple times and make sure you score above 85% in each of them

Go through each of the reference links and detailed explanation to make sure you understand the concepts for both the right and wrong answer.

Finally, as always we strive to make the content as unique and accurate as possible, but with the fast pace changes in the Cloud space, some of the concepts and. documentation is bound to be stale. We appreciate your constant feedback to help improve us further.

5 reviews for Java Foundations (1Z0-811) Exam Questions 2024

  1. George Micheal

    This course covers mostly 70-80% of questions asked in the exams. If you practice this along with a overall course, you will pass for sure. passed by taking these tests and reading course materials. 2 weeks preparation is enough.

  2. Joy Vitte

    I’ve passed my Java Foundations exam with score 92%(2 weeks of learning), exam was very similar to practice tests from this course. I can say without these practice tests probably i would fail or score less. Next step: Databse 11g

  3. Jorge Snyder

    The practice papers cover almost every concepts and it will be a little difficult compared to the real exam. I took the exam on 20th and before that day . i couldnt even pass 2 practice sets and i was worried. But on the real exam , i cleared it. So even if you dont clear the practice sets, dont worry , keep trying and it will be ok. Thank you skillcertpro.

  4. Fakih Hammoud

    I have cleared my real Java Foundations Admin exam yesterday. I would say this course is really helpful for those you really want to clear their real exam at first attempt. These 3 set of exams covered every topic of Java Foundations Admin course and assist you to get more transparency on each topic covered in the real exam.

    Guys, go ahead and practice all the exams sets until you will be more comfortable for the real exam.

    Pro Tip: Concentrate more onto incorrect options that really help you increase your subject knowledge and boost confidence.

    Questions you will get are most similar in your real exam.

  5. Ramza Hassan

    I have cleared the exam with 94% marks.

    It took for me 3 weeks time for course and practice tests.

    Some questions are straight forward and for some questions they will try confuse you with different scenario’s and similar kind of answers where we need to be careful.

    If we are clear with concepts then it wont be challenging. Many questions are from here in main exam. Thanks SCP

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