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OCP Java SE 11 Developer (1Z0-819) Exam Questions 2024

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  • Contains 1800 Questions
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  • Taken exclusively from the previous real exams.
  • Last updated: 28-May-2024
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OCP Java SE 11 Developer (1Z0-819) Exam Questions 2024

Skillcertpro Offerings (Instructor Note) :
  • We are offering 1800 latest real OCP Java SE 11 Developer (1Z0-819) Exam Questions for practice, which will help you to score higher in your exam.
  • Aim for above 85% or above in our mock exams before giving the main exam. 
  • Do review wrong & right answers and thoroughly go through explanations provided to each question which will help you understand the question.
  • Master Cheat Sheet was prepared by instructors which contain personal notes of them for all exam objectives. Carefully written to help you all understand the topics easily.
  • It is recommended to use the Master Cheat Sheet just before 2-3 days of the main exam to cram the important notes.

Covering all the objective domains that help readers master the crucial subject areas covered by the exam, OCP Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Developer Practice Tests provides domain-by-domain questions as well as additional bonus practice exams to further solidify the reader’s mastery of its subjects.

It is recommended to have the below knowledge when attempting the OCP Java SE 11 Developer (1Z0-819) Exam Questions 2024

  • Understanding Java Technology and Environment
  • Working with Java Operators, Primitives, and Strings
  • Creating Methods and Lambda Expressions
  • Designing Classes, Interfaces, Enums, and Annotations
  • Writing Functional Interfaces and Streams
  • Building Modules and Migrating Applications to Modules
  • Applying I/O, NIO.2, JDBC, Threads, and Concurrency
  • Secure Coding in Java SE Application
  • And much more

Skills measured


Working with Java data types

  • Use primitives and wrapper classes, including, operators, parentheses, type promotion and casting
  • Handle text using String and StringBuilder classes
  • Use local variable type inference, including as lambda parameters
  • Controlling Program Flow
  • Create and use loops, if/else, and switch statements
  • Java Object-Oriented Approach
  • Declare and instantiate Java objects including nested class objects, and explain objects’ lifecycles (including creation, dereferencing by reassignment, and garbage collection)
  • Define and use fields and methods, including instance, static and overloaded methods
  • Initialize objects and their members using instance and static initialiser statements and constructors
  • Understand variable scopes, apply encapsulation and make objects immutable
  • Create and use subclasses and superclasses, including abstract classes
  • Utilize polymorphism and casting to call methods, differentiate object type versus reference type
  • Create and use interfaces, identify functional interfaces, and utilize private, static, and default methods
  • Create and use enumerations

Exception Handling

Handle exceptions using try/catch/finally clauses, try-with-resource, and multi-catch statements

Create and use custom exceptions

Working with Arrays and Collections

  • Use generics, including wildcards
  • Use a Java array and List, Set, Map and Deque collections, including convenience methods
  • Sort collections and arrays using Comparator and Comparable interfaces

Working with Streams and Lambda expressions

  • Implement functional interfaces using lambda expressions, including interfaces from the java.util.function package
  • Use Java Streams to filter, transform and process data
  • Perform decomposition and reduction, including grouping and partitioning on sequential and parallel streams

Java Platform Module System

  • Deploy and execute modular applications, including automatic modules
  • Declare, use, and expose modules, including the use of services


  • Create worker threads using Runnable and Callable, and manage concurrency using an ExecutorService and java.util.concurrent API
  • Develop thread-safe code, using different locking mechanisms and java.util.concurrent API

Java I/O API

  • Read and write console and file data using I/O Streams
  • Implement serialization and deserialization techniques on Java objects
  • Handle file system objects using java.nio.file API

Secure Coding in Java SE Application

  • Develop code that mitigates security threats such as denial of service, code injection, input validation and ensure data integrity
  • Secure resource access including filesystems, manage policies and execute privileged code

Database Applications with JDBC

Connect to and perform database SQL operations, process query results using JDBC API


Implement Localization using Locale, resource bundles, and Java APIs to parse and format messages, dates, and numbers


Create, apply, and process annotations

Exam Format

  • Exam Name        Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 11 Developer
  • Exam Format     Multiple Choice
  • Exam Price          $245 (USD)
  • Duration              90 mins
  • Number of Questions     50
  • Passing Score     63%

You can register the OCP Java SE 11 Developer (1Z0-819) exam here : https://education.oracle.com/java-se-11-developer/pexam_1Z0-819

Refer Skillcertpro FAQ if you have any doubts: https://skillcertpro.com/faq/

7 reviews for OCP Java SE 11 Developer (1Z0-819) Exam Questions 2024

  1. Younus Majeed

    Cleared the exam today on my first attempt with a great score!!! Finished only 12 practice papers. The detailed explanation for the answers with supporting screenshots of documentation and links make your understanding of the concepts much clearer. This is the perfect course before taking the actual exam for clearing them in the first attempt with great scores too. Thanks skillcertpor for this great set of practice papers.

  2. Flora Patrick

    I used these practice tests alongside other resources to prepare for and pass the 1z0-819 certification. The quality of these tests were great, the questions reflected the level of questions I received in my exam, and the feedback given on each question improves my understanding in a few key areas

  3. Rajeev Krishnan

    I was greatly relieved by the Mock exams provided by #skillcerpro for Java SE 11. These questions helped me with new topics as well as prepare myself with real exam scenario. Passed!

  4. Declan Canavan

    This was hands down the BEST course I could had enrolled for to help me prepare for the 1Z0-819 Exam. The questions in these practice exams were very similar, if not almost identical, to the questions on the actual 1Z0-819 Exam. Definitely would recommend you enroll in this course as the last step to your study plan if you plan on taking the 1Z0-819 Exam!

  5. Diptanu Sarkar

    I tried this certification once earlier and missed by few points… Then I went through these practice questions from skillcertpro and today I cleared the exam with good marks. Surprisingly the questions I got in the exam are completely out of these 15 practice sets. I would strongly suggest everyone to definitely practice these test irrespective of what other study materials you are reading. This will help you to clear the exam for sure.

  6. Bogdan Furtuna

    I cleared my 1z0–819 exam this morning.I was studying the exam course through other books which to be honest was taking away my interest for this exam.I was recommended by my friend to try this course. So I bought this course and gave multiple times each test till I got a score of above 95%

    This course is seriously worth each penny I spent. Most of the questions came from this course. Also, just a tip make sure you read the incorrect answers as well with the explanation. Also keep practicing till you get above 90% score (I know this is time consuming, but trust me this works). This course will definitely help you in clearing this certification.

    Highly recommended!!!

  7. Byron Smith

    Glad I took these practice exams! The questions were helpful to see and try out. The explanations for the incorrect exam questions was very nice as there is a little description as to reason behind what was actually the correct answer! Passed!

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