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Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam Questions 2021

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Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam Questions (Sample)

Salesforce Admin Sample Exam (15 Questions)

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The IT Director has mandated that all records in Salesforce must be backed up weekly. Which Data Management tool can be used to meet this requirement?

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Which are valid Data Sources that may be used for Dashboards? (select 2)

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You have been tasked with importing hundreds of cases into Salesforce. Which Data Import tool will be able to fulfill this requirement?

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Which Security features in Salesforce can be utilized to grant Users access to specific Apps? (select 2)

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The head of the Field Sales Division has reported that several Sales Reps see the desktop Salesforce website version instead of the mobile Salesforce version when going to login.salesforce.com in their mobile browser. What setting must be changed in order to automatically send mobile browser users to the mobile browser version of Salesforce.

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A user reports that the display of numbers and dates have suddenly changed for them whenever they view records in Salesforce. Which of the following would you need to adjust for the user?
(Select 1)

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Which statement is true as it relates to Sharing Rules in Salesforce?

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As the Salesforce Administrator, you are invited to a large project kick-off meeting. The Project Manager has tasked you with setting up a way for the project team members (all of whom are Salesforce users) to collaborate on the project by sharing files and tracking progress on Chatter in Salesforce. The request is that only the project team members and yourself should be the only users able to view the project activity in Chatter. What do you create to fulfill this request?

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The Director of Client Services has asked you to update a Quarterly Revenue Report, so that the report contains additional columns of information. From the report (in Salesforce Classic), what would you click in order to make the requested changes to the Quarterly Report?

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During the creation of an Approval Process, you discover that you need to create a Lookup field on the User object that looks up to the User object. In attempting to create this Lookup field, you discover that you cannot create Lookup from User to User. Which type of field would you need to create instead, in order to accomplish this?

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A user reports that they are unable to log in to Salesforce. You check their User Record and see no login attempts for them today. What is the user likely doing wrong? (select 2)

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Which statements are true as it relates to the Running User of a Dashboard in Salesforce? (select 2)

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Which actions can be performed immediately from a workflow rule? (select 4)

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When an object tab is invisible, what setting is it on?

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The VP of Marketing has purchased a list of 60,000 Leads that need to be imported into Salesforce. Which Data Import tool is best suited for importing these records?

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Certification Preparation for Administrator (CRT101)

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Certification Preparation for Administrator is designed for experienced Salesforce administrators who are planning to take the Salesforce Administrator Certification.
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13 reviews for Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam Questions 2021

  1. Arbindo Najim

    I recently passed the exam. This course is really good. It covers all most all of the topics that require to pass the Salesforce admin cert Exam. You cannot expect to have the same exact questions on the exam. But, the explanation after doing the review of the practice questions is what helps to understand the terms in detail. I retook each practice questions twice and read the terms thoroughly before sitting for the exam.

  2. Jimmy Chin

    The questions were appropriate and the explanations at the end along with the recommended reference material were really useful. I nailed the exam after going through these tests a few times.

  3. Ifueko Odia

    Excellent practice tests. An eye opener for me. I learnt a lot of topics going through these tests. The explanations for each option, why is it correct and why is it wrong are excellent. Never saw such detailed explanations with proper links. A must for Salesforce certified admin certification preparation.

  4. Kirshore Negi

    Very well structured set of questions in each of these sample tests. It was quite similar in difficulty to the questions that I faced in the actual certification exam. Provided a great hand-on experience in how one should go about choosing answers in the multi-choice, as many questions in the actual exam have tricky choices. I would greatly recommend these tests for anyone wishing to take the Salesforce admin certification. The recommendation to retake the exams till we achieve 80% consistently was spot on!

  5. Stephen

    Great for exam preparation, I recommand.

  6. Mattia Panerotti

    These practice tests not only helped me in clearing the exam but also helped me in understanding core concepts. Very well crafted questions and explanations. Cleared my exam

  7. Jaola Makr

    I found the practice exams very helpful as it covered a wide area and I was able to identify areas where I lacked in knowledge. I managed to pass with 95.8%. Its going to bug me forever to know where I lost some points.

  8. Renjith Kumar

    Cleared this certification last week. While some of the questions were slightly twisted, these mock tests definitely covers important topics from exam perspective.

  9. Akshay

    I passed the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam. These practice tests were extremely useful. All the questions are carefully drafted along with detailed explanation for all questions.

  10. Anup Narayan

    I passed the exam today morning. Awaiting the final score report.

    Thank you Skillcertpro for creating this excellent set of practice exams. I took each practice test twice to gain confidence. The structure of the questions in these practice exams is very similar to the exam questions.

    These practice tests prove that having knowledge alone is not sufficient. You must learn to interpret each question precisely.

    I highly recommend these tests to any aspiring candidate.

  11. Wildre Wood

    Even after preparing for the exam, these test papers are the necessary ingredient to the recipe of passing the exam. And the key of these test questions are explanation part. A MUST practice test series for passing the exam.

  12. Zubeir Ahmed

    Really valuable practice exams that cover all vital insights to achieve the Salesforce administrator certification, my sincere thanks to skillcertpro for the great endeavor imbued.

  13. Guoyuan Yao

    Thanks skillcertpro for the excellent practice questions, this helped me pass Salesforce Certified Administrator exam and most importantly it helped me to tackle real exam and mentally prepare myself to sit for a long stretch of 2 hours and at the end your reference to why the answered options were wrong helped me gain more in-depth knowledge. Again thanks for this course.

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