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Salesforce Pardot Specialist Exam Questions 2021

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Salesforce Pardot Specialist Exam Questions 2021

Candidates should be able to build strategic marketing processes while incorporating tools such as lead scoring, email marketing, and lead generation, and be able to use reports to make data-driven decisions.

Exam Study Guide

As you may already be expecting, the way to start preparing for your certification is checking the official Salesforce Exam Study Guide. Here, you’ll find a lot of precious information about your exam! When I first opened this guide, what I really paid attention to was the “About the Exam” Section, in which you’ll find out or just validate that:

  • The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions
  • The exam has a duration of 90 minutes
  • You’ll have to go to a testing center or be in an online proctored environment to take your exam. I have taken my test at a testing center, and it was rather practical and even comfortable: they even offered me coffee and Kit-Kats, so I really can’t complain. Yet, you can always explore the other option if you feel like it!
  • Here’s what you want to know: Yes, you’ll need at least 72% of correct answers. A few months ago, Salesforce updated the passing score from 67% to 72% to level the bar up! No need for panicking, you’ll still nail this exam!

Exam Outline

Still, on the exam guide, I paid great attention to the exam outline, this is, the topics to be covered in the exam. Here are the six areas your evaluation on Pardot will be based on and how much weight each one was given:

  1. Visitors and Prospects: 8%
    • Describe the relationship between visitors and prospects.
    • Given a scenario, apply the appropriate plan of action using Prospect Audits.
  2. Administration: 11%
    • Illustrate how to create, edit, and map fields.
    • Explain the relationship between Pardot and Salesforce.
    • Describe the capabilities of the Pardot Recycle Bin.
  3. Pardot Forms, Form Handlers and Landing Pages: 20%
    • Given a scenario, identify the capabilities, use cases, and interpret metrics of Pardot forms.
    • Identify the capabilities, use cases, and interpret reporting metrics for landing pages.
  4. Lead Management: 24%
    • Explain the components and use cases of an automation rule.
    • Distinguish between the capabilities of, use cases for, and how to create different types of lists.
    • Define the capabilities of a completion action.
    • Define the capabilities of a segmentation rule.
    • Define the capabilities of page actions.
    • Explain what a Score measures and how scoring is managed.
    • Explain what a Grade measures and how grading is managed.
    • Identify the capabilities and use cases of custom redirects.
  5. Email Marketing: 20%
    • Distinguish between an Email and an Email Template.
    • Given a scenario, identify the capabilities and use cases for email.
    • Distinguish between the metrics collected in Pardot email reporting.
  6. Engagement Studio: 17%
    • Distinguish between the components of an engagement program.
    • Explain the process of updating an engagement program including its asset

3 reviews for Salesforce Pardot Specialist Exam Questions 2021

  1. Georgios Stamatis

    Very good set of practice tests. Very realistic and great explanations. Combination of questions and explanations – allowed me to pass the test successfully on the first try. Thank you!

  2. Huayu Wu

    These exams are the primary reason I passed the Salesforce Pardot Specialist exam comfortably. The course I took in preparation for the exam was a good start, but these were simply invaluable, and worth every penny.

    During the exam, I could literally see how your well-explained answers could apply to the question I was working on, that’s how well-written and close to the real thing these are! For anyone planning on taking the SSA exam, these are simply a must-have. Thank you so much!

  3. Shashikant Swain

    I just passed the Salesforce Pardot Specialist exam. The practice exams helps a lot for me. The explains of the answers are very detailed. The document resources cover the knowledge of the related areas very well. It is a must have course to help anyone prepare for the Salesforce Pardot Specialist exam.

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